The Value of Money

I always hear grannies tell this to their younglings, you will only value something once it’s lost.

But, would you wait until you lose it for you to value it?

So, what happened to me, I received my cash income last Friday worth 11,000 pesos.

I rewarded myself to eat a carrot cake and a cup of coffee at The Coffee Bean along Lacson, last Friday. I don’t regularly drink coffee that’s why it’s a reward for me.

Then, I also ate a mymix and a dear darla solo from Yellowcab.

Then, I went home.

During the weekend, I ordered from Food Panda, a Lola Nena’s classic donuts, and a Cafe latte at Bo’s Coffee.

I also cooked some food at home from the groceries I bought last month. Thank God I still have stocks.

Until recently, I only have 9,700 pesos left.

After my gloomy code blue duty today, I decided to go to BPI to deposit my remaining 9,000 pesos.

However, I am such a fool that I didn’t even counter checked if the numbers I typed were my account number digits.

Until, I pressed deposit.

After quite some time, I realized that no money was deposited in my account. Maybe I foolishly typed wrongly.

It’s the first time I lost a huge amount of money amounting to 9,000 pesos. I only have 700 pesos left in my purse and I will budget it until my next cash income on the 30th of May.

Can I make it? Can I survive with 700 pesos until next sweldo? Hmm.

So, that means… I’ll be cooking my food and I’ll not buy outside.

That means, I’ll refrain from ordering from restaurants.

That means, I’ll refrain from using a food panda delivery service.

That means, I’ll refrain from going to the mall.

Please don’t tell my mama. I’m deads. hahaha.

As much as possible, I don’t want to ask money from my parents for my bills for food, wifi, electricity, and tuition.

I want to prove to myself that I can survive on my own. I need to learn how to fend for myself, and how to take care of myself.

I told my sister what happened to me awhile ago. She was the first one to know, and my papa.

Moral of the story: “Mahirap pala mawalan ng pera na pinaghirapan.” It’s difficult to lose money once you have earned it yourself with your own blood, sweat and tears. This incident reminds me to be more responsible in handling money, to be more wise with how I allocate my money. It taught me as well that I should learn how to cook my food and not to buy outside.

Hello adulting! Budget. Budget. Cook. Cook. Hehe.

I will try to make a complaint on Wednesday at BPI, if I can retrieve the money I lost.