Chase him

If you do this, it is the perfect recipe for pushing a guy away. Chase him.

They say, it’s a normal instinct for someone to run if you start running after them.

Do you agree?

But what if, you barely haven’t met each other. Would that still be considered as chasing? Unless, if they have built a serious connection with each other.

Is it possible for someone to fall for someone she have not even met yet?

A friend of mine said, “No, she will never fall especially for a person whom she have not even met.” Why? It’s because she is not sure if that person is really true or if the both of them jive together and if they are compatible with each other.

Is compatibility an issue here? or is there so much more?
Can you actually fall for a stranger? Maybe they just give you that feeling of excitement and mystery, because you don’t truly know the person yourself.

However, God orchestrates every relationship that transpires in this world. All the friendships that happen, I believe God intertwines the steps of each creature walking on the surface of this mother earth.

Is there a reason for you to meet this person? What can you learn from him or her?

Note: Be scarier than what scares you. Haha.

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