Hyperventilation is rapid or deep breathing, usually caused by anxiety or panic. This overbreathing, as it is sometimes called, may actually leave you feeling breathless. When you breathe, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

The normal Respiratory Rate (RR) is 12 – 20 cpm.

In a worse case scenario, hyperventilation may result in to a Respiratory alkalosis which occurs when you breathe too fast or too deep and carbon dioxide levels drop too low. This causes the pH of the blood to rise and become too alkaline.

Blood pH: 7.35-7.45

Blood is normally slightly basic, with a normal pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. Usually the body maintains the pH of blood close to 7.40.

ROME: Respiratory= Opposite: · pH is high, PCO2 is down (Alkalosis). pH is low, PCO2 is up (Acidosis). Metabolic= Equal: · pH is high, HCO3 is high (Alkalosis). pH is low, HCO3 is low (Acidosis). [ACID BASE BALANCE]

Doing ABG Interpretation Easily By ROME Method
ROME Blood Gas Interpretation Lesson | NURSING.com
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Scene at the ER: The other day, I had a patient in the ER, she is a teenager, running for honors. Ma’am Michiku the nurse assistant assessed her vital signs. She was sent to the ER because she was hyperventilating and crying. She was given a brown bag to somehow control her breathing and to calm her down. Sir Jonathan secured the brown bag in her face with a micropore. There were no medications given, just the brown bag. She was in a high fowler’s position. Upon interview, I learned that she was making an assignment or project I think, and she was not able to finish it before the deadline, that’s why she hyperventilated. She was with her mother, a highschool teacher.

Within an hour she was feeling well already, her heart rate stabilized, and her respiratory rate became stable too. Then she was discharged.

When I was younger, I did not ask my parents to send me to a hospital for the reason that I was not able to finish an assignment. I do things and submit them on time. However, when I grew a little older, I somehow wished I can also tell my professor in grad school that I am not feeling well, so I cannot join the class. I am planning not to enter zoom class tomorrow. Haha. Because, I haven’t finished my introduction yet for my thesis.

But, I realized that to be given a responsibility to finish a requirement is inevitable. I need to finish this already.

I was wondering if I should pursue my thesis on Covid 19.

My title is “Looking beyond the lens of caring for Covid 19 patients: a phenomenological study”

Sounds scholarly. It’s a qualitative study. hehe. Kaya ko ba ito? hahahuhu.

Note: Prioritization of needs, Jaea.

Sige, sleep ka na muna, then gising na lang ng maaga. You can do it, Jaea. You are loved, love. Aja!