I’m tired playing this mind games

I’m tired playing this mind games,

Doing this and that, for what purpose, I know not;

Who are you? Tell me the real you,

No pretensions, no sugarcoating.

Tell me who you are,

Are you ready to be vulnerable?

In the midst of the people surrounding you,

they’re quite numerous to count..

But who are you, when no one’s watching..

Are you still the same sanguine?

Or are you the soft-heart one..

The kind, and loving, yet strong but assertive?

The smart-thinking and reserved?

The light reflecting the sun and the moon in the dark,

Or are you the wind beneath my wings?

Ready to stretch your arms before I fall towards your gravity,

Do you ever think of me, like how I watch over you,

But worry not, I won’t force myself to you..

I will not.. But I can be your friend, if that’s all there is,

If your heart belongs to someone else,

I would gladly accept my fate..

You and I in this world full of tears and joy,

You and I, as friends…

You are a treasure,

yet to be discovered, by any pirate in the seven seas,

But I’m blessed because I had the strength to communicate with the real you..

Though I’m not sure my stand per your view,

I will treasure this friendship until my last breath.