Smart Shaming

Have you ever encountered a person who always puts down achievers or people who have excelled in their studies? I have met them more than once.

They say, “Wala ang pagiging successful sa pagiging Cum Laude, or Valedictorian or honor student”, and it seems like these achievers are destined to fail in life? Since they have excelled academically. Just like how people glorify the success of Bill Gates and the engineer who became his employee but was ahead of him academically.

If you are the critic in the achiever’s side, you wouldn’t know the reason behind their perseverance of studying well and the rationale behind it.

I heard a person once said, “Hindi dahil sa Cum Laude ka, magiging magaling ka ng Nurse or Doctor or Lawyer or Teacher”, I don’t know the reason behind them saying this. But, I believe all human beings are created with in born talents in life. They both have strengths and weaknesses.

As for me, whenever I hear people putting me down because I am an achiever in school, that I can only achieve well in school and not in other aspects in life; I get hurt at first and sometimes I cry, and I just keep it to myself. I have been bullied so many times because of my teeth, my nose and my achievements in school, in such a way that I feel like I don’t belong. I just find it hard to jive well with the people around me.

Deep inside my heart, I want to be humble, but sometimes arrogance creeps in, since that’s all I can be proud of. I don’t know why, but I just find it hard to relate with other people. I wasn’t like this before. I just want a little circle, and having a bigger circle just wears off my energy.

I know someone will always be smarter than me. But, I always believe that no one is born genius, they just persevered and read more than the average person.