Talk back and your dead

Have you already watched this movie by Nadine Lustre and James Reid, released last August 2014?

This is about a not so cliche love story of two children who promised to marry each other one day. Years after they met, Samantha fell in love with a hot headed guy named Top, a leader of the delinquent gang called lucky 13. But in the fare clutch of circumstance, Samantha’s former best friend Audrey also fell in love with Top. And that is where the connivance of the plot unfold.. Top’s enemies from another gang mistakenly thought Audrey was Samantha, so they captured Audrey to lure Top for revenge. But it was not the real Samantha.. However, Top still rescued Audrey, the sister of one of the members of Top’s lucky 13 gang named Red, his best friend.

Eventually, Samantha and Top went from civil to a serious relationship. However, since Samantha came from a wealthy family, she was asked to marry for the benefit of their business to expand. It was an arranged marriage. She was asked to marry her former best friend’s brother called Red. But Samantha reluctantly refused her parents’ offer since she’s in love with Top.

Upon hearing this news, Top was disheartened. He went away in a secluded resort with Samantha, but Red came over to fetch Samantha because she was asked to travel abroad if she will not obey her parents. She was asked to study abroad with Red. She left the resort with Red via a helicopter, while the lucky 13 gang restrained the crying Top because Samantha left her.

Rumors circulated that Top became blind, thus only sensitive to sounds and touch. I am just not sure how that happened. Did he had a complication of Diabetes? I don’t know and I am not sure, because it was not told in the story. There are many factors that can be considered how a normal person with a normal vision can lose their sight.

But, years after Samantha left the country, they met again, where she came back for Top at the resort where she left him. The movie ended in a resort where Top was.. Samantha came and went to hug Top beside the beach.

My thoughts about this movie is more concerned about arranged marriages and losing the 2020 vision. I myself believe in true love and romance, but I have lost enthusiasm with marriage after some collusion that I experienced in the past. I believe that the saddest thing that could ever happen to you is to be married to someone you don’t even love. It’s like being chained to a person you hate the most. But in regards to a 2020 vision, I’ve heard that normal people with a perfectly designed eyesight becomes blind after being in love. Is this true? They say, when you’re in love, you can’t hear clearly, you can’t speak clearly and you can’t see clearly. What is wrong with you people? Is love a sickness?