Neuro Consultation

My doctor told me the last time I consulted him, na mas maganda daw na i-push through ko na lang career ko with nursing, than pursue medicine.

Why? It’s because his wife is a nurse too and after 8-12 hour shift, her responsibility with her patients end already.

But, with his case as a doctor, he told me that even if at home, his responsibility still doesn’t end after his duty with his patients.

He told me, na mas maganda daw na mag-abroad na lang ako, mas malaki daw kikitain ko abroad than here.

Pero takot ako mag-abroad mag-isa. Haven’t told him that.

He increased my dose to 200 mg of the medication that I am taking for just two weeks.

Whenever, I take that.. I easily fall asleep.

There was a time before, I was not visited by my period for a year.

But when I don’t take it, I cannot sleep at night.

Sometimes not taking it, makes me feel angry.

I had irregular menstruation. Sometimes, it doesn’t come.

I even told him, na I wanted to go back sana to medschool.

But, he gave me just 1 year na masusurvive ko yun.

He said, problems are everywhere, and in anywhere I go.

He said that I just, don’t need to react with everything the people around me does.