Discipleship 2021

Yesterday was Labor day. The conference for Victory Christian Fellowship Discipleship 2021 was held online.

I listened to the entire event.

It was beautiful, the worship, the talks, the entire conference.

How difficult it is to be a salt and light to our place of influence, because chances are we may irritate a wound if there’s an open wound in that area because we are the salt.

“There are times that maybe we irritate those people because of self righteousness and the wrong narrative of the gospel we give them, rooted in religiosity. However, we may irritate them as well in a good manner because the gospel speaks the truth to them, which can lead to eventual healing of their wounds”, Ate Nikki said.

I’m so touched with the prayer part for the next generation. I cried while praying. But, I know that our faith is not merely dependent on feelings. God is real even though we can’t see Him tangibly.

Have you ever felt this burden?

What happens when we are already dead and gone?

What happens to the next generation?

Will they be able to pass it on?

Life is too short wasting our time to be at war with ourselves and our personal issues; adding up to that as well our present hard times being experienced, including this pandemic. Life is so hard but I believe it is still beautiful.

Discipleship is a difficult task, but I am really praying to be able to lead others to Christ as well in spite of my weaknesses.

No one’s perfect. I’m not perfect but I believe that God created me fearfully and wonderfully. I am loved by God. So, I need to radiate this love to others too by God’s grace. Nothing is too hard to the Lord. I just know that somehow I can make a difference too.

Agape Heartbeat: MD

I attended Agape Luzon Christian Movement’s Heartbeat: MD Making Disciples last February 23-24, 2019. I enjoyed the event and I met medical students and doctors from other schools. It’s a joyful experience to witness as well, to share the gospel to patients when we had our hospital blitz. I am thankful for my new found brothers and sisters in Christ thru Agape Family.

I enjoyed the conference listening to doctors, Speakers such as Doc Russell Barros, Doc Edward Magsombol and the others too and from a missionary as well.

The food was delicious too.

The schools who participated were UERM, St. Lukes, OLFU, UP and San Beda.

I am so delighted to have attended the 2-day conference which was held at Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ at Quezon City.

I am inspired to be faithful in ministry and to share the gospel to my friends and to make disciples.

I learned that…

Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and living the results to God.

Acts 20:24 But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Acts of the Apostles 20:24 NLT


Goal – Plan + Action = Dream

Goal + Plan + Action = Reality

The key issue is not our ability but our availability for us to be used by God.

Here’s what I learned on suggestions for developing personal strategy of making disciples:

  1. Be sure you are committed to the Lordship of Christ and are filled with the Holy Spirit. (See Romans 12:1,2)
  2. Pray in faith that God will guide you in developing your personal strategy.
  3. Outline the strategy that God reveals in answer to your prayers.
  4. Learn all you can about how to accomplish your strategy.
  5. Give your attention to aggressive evangelism – under the Holy Spirit’s guidance and in His power, proceed with complete confidence to plan your work and work your plan.

As for the outline of strategy:

  • Name lists
  • Specific group to your life ( family, friends, relatives, and co workers)
  • Pray for each of them
  • Go to them in faith and tell them about God’s love in a simple, clear, systematic and loving presentation
  • build them into your chain of spiritual multiplication

Faith without works is dead, our faith makes us work. ☝🙂