The trial

All I can say is, this movie is superb. I’ve watched it yesterday with mama, October 23, 2014. I was asked to choose a movie to watch.. the choices were “the best of me” and others.. I didn’t choose the best of me, it might not be helpful to watch for me at the moment. So, I didn’t pick it. Instead, I’ve picked ‘the trial’.

This is one of the best movies I’ve watched that was played on the day of my birthday, October 15, 2014.

The story was about a gardener (John Lloyd Cruz) and a teacher (Jessie Mendiola) who had free tutorials together. The mentally deranged gardener, a special child fell in love with her beautiful teacher, til they had sex at their school, which was caught by a camera of a student in the university. The bad thing was the teacher gave the student a motive for them to do it. Or I don’t know, the teacher was just so friendly and touchy.. But I guess, the student misunderstood? Ofcourse, he woudn’t understand because he’s a special child. And caught up in the moment, just the two of them being together in an exclusive place? Anything can happen. This video went viral. Until it has been brought to court as a rape case.

But actually, it was not rape, because the teacher agreed to do it, and just so to save the school’s reputation of teachers having sex with their students, it was named as a rape case by the school’s president. Eventually, everything connects… the lawyer who defended the gardener and the psychologist who were at the point of losing their marriage was included in the cast.. together with their deceased son, Martin who was a friend of the gardener too, who died because of an accident, were all part of the unfolding story.. of forgiveness, of love, second chances and of how the truth prevails despite difficult circumstances, impossibilities, and even if the people of the Philippines are against one person, justice will prevail.

I liked how the lawyer probed the queries he gave the gardener during the trial. It was reversed psychology. Somehow, he was siding on the opponent’s side, probing the gardener. But in the end, it all went well. That was one of the best scenes. But the twist in the story in the end was..the teacher told her student to just keep it (their sex act) as a secret.. that If he keeps it, she still loves him, but if not, she won’t love him anymore. So the gardener kept it as a secret because he loves her teacher. So that was what the gardener was keeping until it was blurted out in the trial. After the case was won and the gardener being absolved by what was accused against him, he lost his love, the teacher. Everyone celebrated except him. What I learned from this story was even people who are not that smart enough are capable of loving.

Though at times, those people whom we love are the reasons why we feel so much pain as well. They can both build you up and tear you down. But what matters most is love.


This movie is award winning. I like the plot of the story and the twists and the unexpected scenes.

Thank You God, I’ve watched this movie with mama yesterday. And it was a good bonding moment with her.

We shopped also on this day and learned that in walking.. I should not leave my friends behind, and just walk side by side with them and just be a friend. Because if I leave them, they may not follow. This is what I learned from her last night.

Sometimes, I’ve tendencies of fast pace walking and at other times, I tend to leave my friends.. and so I gotta learn this from now on..

Another thing I’ve learned is about holding on friendships. Mama said that I should never hold friends for my own alone.. because it’s gonna weigh them down. I should set them all free if they want to go. And that I should not force anybody and get someone for my own, especially with a boyfriend. I’m so aggressive kasi eh. She said, it will come at the right time, and should never ever be forced. This I need to keep in mind.

Kasi, ang hilaw na prutas pag pinitas, kahit anong ganda ng kulay sa panglabas, pag kinain, hindi maganda ang lasa. Bugok. Kasi pinilit. Pinilit ng wala sa tamang panahon, pinilit ng wala sa tamang oras. Hinanapan ng rason para kainin, dahil sa gutom? Kaya hindi masarap. Hindi kaaya-aya. Kaya pagkatapos ng isang kagat, tinatapon.

And so, I’m learning. I have so many things to learn.