Big it up

I just want to say that I’m inspired after reading some articles from Cosmopolitan magazine, issued last April 2015.

I like Cosmo’s interview with Anne Curtis, a Filipina-Aussie actress and host in the Philippines, on“Anne is 30: life lessons from the babe who has it all.” I definitely have not reached the 30 age yet, but hopefully soon I will be. Some tidbits that I learned from her are the following:

  1. The truth hurts and lies, worse.
  2. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling um, 30”
  3. The rest is still unwritten. Since, a lot of women now are focused in their careers, achievements, and wants; and for her that’s a great thing.
  4. Not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder. “How can I grow if I don’t try something I’ve never done before?”, She added.
  5. She never really cared…what other people’s bashes on her voice and singing. She’s actually enjoying its novelty and fun and that it’s not something to be taken seriously.
  6. Let it go, let it go. Even if her Dyesebel teleserye didn’t last for half a year. She’s letting it go.
  7. She says, “You don’t have to feel like a wasted space”. She’s promoting early childhood care and development with UNICEF at Typhoon Yolanda hitted areas in Leyte.
  8. You’ll get by with a smile.
  9. If you got beauty, beauty, just raise ’em up.
  10. Lean on me. She pertains with her family and boyfriend. She said that it’s refreshing to have something that’s private that she can call hers.

“When you love what you do, you accept what comes with the territory.” – Anne Curtis.

I’m amused to have learned something from today’s read. Adding up to that is “Big it up: Time to kick ass with some healthy self-expectations!”

The article had boosted me after reading it. I discovered that it’s important to embrace ourselves particularly our flaws, but in terms of life goals, it’s necessary not to risk complacency by sinking into a comfort zone. True happiness rests on taking the talent we are born with and the knowledge and skills we’ve acquired by using them fully for a purpose that makes us feel worthwhile by our own internal standards, and that the key to that is self-expectation, says behavioral scientist and author of The winner’s edge, Denis Waitley. “There never was a winner who didn’t expect to win in advance”, He added. By expecting to have a good day, a raise, a parking space, and a good relationship, you usually get them.

The science behind this is the chemical endorphin which our bodies produce that reduces unpleasant stimuli and promotes feelings of well being. Based from research, expectations shape endorphins. “What you ask for, is what you get”, says Nia Maritz, M.D. It’s important to stop saying ” I can’t do X” or “I suck at Y”. You need to expect more of yourself and life – and you’ll make it happen. To reach new heights, we need to push ourselves often. ” If you don’t, how will you know how far you can go?” asks Craig Jarrow, author of You are stronger than you think.

These steps can help:

  1. Recognize that you are disappointing yourself.
  2. Be clear of what you expect of yourself in each area of your life – work, relationships, creativity, health, fitness. Write it down.
  3. Decide on your most important expectation. By daring yourself to do something new or extra.
  4. Use the satisfaction and endorphin rush you get from accomplishing each step to power the next one, building confidence and having a blast along the way. “Finding excitement and what you love is in the discovery of accomplishing a task,” says Maritz. “You may not enjoy all of it – but focusing on the parts you do enjoy will bring insight.”
  5. When you trip, which you will, remember that tripping is just lesson in disguise, she says. Use it to make you stronger, and push on with a smile. Smiles will help you feel better and draw others to you, helping you progress.
  6. Use positive self talk – “I CAN DO THIS”, “I WILL SUCCEED” – and visualization. See yourself fulfilling your expectations, says Maritz. “As Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” With belief in yourself you can achieve things that astonish you, as you continue to stretch your boundaries.

But more importantly, we must keep it real!

The article says that there’s a difference between giving yourself a healthy nudge and pushing yourself to the point of breakdown.

Do your friends think your expectations are realistic? Do you balk at asking for outside help or advice? Do you wake up each morning worrying that you won’t achieve all you have set yourself? Do you feel unhappy and unfulfilled? When this happens, we might be expecting too much from our job, relationship, or whatever we’re working on. It’s time to re-evaluate our true interests and passions are, says Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living. “People who are pursuing their dreams, interests, and passions are happier than those who are not.”

I have to say, I am overweight, almost 72kilos to be exact. And I’d like to take this challenge of watching my weight and burning my fat deposits for good starting tomorrow. I know I kept on saying this, but there’s no enough action. Right now, I’m giving it a try again. 👊🏊🏃💪