Unfailing Love

My brother woke me up early this morning with a box filled with his personal computer parts on his way to Mindoro. Before he left, he hugged me. Aww. I hugged him back. I’m going to miss him. Solo na naman ako. I feel sad but I know I can do this.

So, what happened today… I’ve read my devotional. Then afterwards, I fell asleep.

I woke up again, I ate my corn kernels from a can and heard for Sunday service online. Then, I went to the self service laundry to wash my clothes. After that, I bought palitaw and an avocado shake.

Upon reaching home, I ironed my uniform for tomorrow. Then, I took a shower and I watched youtube. I’ve read a book on Captivating afterwards. The book is about unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul. So intriguing.

Then, I listened to some songs. After that, ate a slice of chocolate cake then I cooked my dinner (rice, sardines with tomatoes). Then, I washed my dishes, and drank my E.Excel capsules and my medicine.

Then, I finished filling up some documents that I need to submit at work. Though, I still lack the SSS file. I am also thankful that I have wrote down finally my script on our webinar for next Saturday’s event because I will be the Moderator or the Master of Ceremony. It’s been a long time since I’ve been an MC, so I am very fortunate to be the MC for our webinar in graduate school. Exciting!

So, what I learned today. God is telling me comfortingly with this verse,

“Many sorrows come to the wicked, but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord” Psalms 32:10

This verse reassures me, because I tend to sometimes lose my patience over things and about when will my prayers be answered. However, this is His promise: unfailing love will surround me as long as I trust with the God who created the universe.

I should be happy instead that I am not experiencing those problems that other people are experiencing unfortunately especially those who are married and those who have kids already. I should give thanks all the time that I am spared from those challenges yet.

I still thank God for the life He gave me.

Good night. May we have a good night sleep. Duty again tomorrow.

God bless my readers.


My brother

My brother is leaving me again to go back to Mindoro. His internship was suspended at East Ave Medical Center. So, that means I am all alone again here in my apartment starting tomorrow.

Naiiyak ako. Wala na ako mauutusan. Joke! Haha!

Nevertheless, kahit na minsan may mga misunderstanding kami, I still love him. He’s really thoughtful. He reminds me to drink my medicine. hehe.

He’s sweet too. The other day, I asked for him to buy me a milk tea, and he bought me one. Awhile ago, he asked if I like a chocolate cake when he was at SM, and he bought for us.

My brother has a girlfriend. His gf was his highschool bestfriend, and they are still together until now. Although, his gf doesn’t love to cook, I hope she will learn how soon, because my brother deserves to be treated well at home.

I am really proud of him. *Nakakaiyak. He was not an honor student back then. But, when he was still in medschool, I saw him studying late at night, or sleeping first then waking up very early just to read his transes. He loves to play a computer game entitled, “Perfect World”. He even watched Grey’s Anatomy, the entire season. Haha! I lend him my med books. I hope he reads them.

All in all, I love my brother. I pray he passes the MD board exam on his first take this year. (praying)

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought?

Ano pagkakaiba ko sa hindi Christian?

Sometimes, I feel guilty of not doing the things I must supposedly do. Sometimes, I feel like I’m too much preoccupied of myself, forgetting those people close to me having real struggles compared to mine. Whereas my challenges are so petty compared to them. But I’m so selfish of my thought life.

I don’t know if I’m extending my influences with the best of what I can do with my family, cousins, and friends.

Deep down, I feel like I am not just existing on earth just to be here. I have a purpose. I have a thing to do. I have a mission. I am called to do something.

I am alive for a reason. Thus, I am so fortunate to be birthed in this earth. Thank you God. Dear Lord, reveal to us your plans one at a time. Reveal to us, what on earth we are here for. Why we are breathing. For whom we are living for.

God bless my readers.

Do you believe in signs?

Hello there! Do you believe in signs?

Actually, I don’t believe in signs. I hate signs. But, I have been seeing so many signs. So, I feel like I need to step back for a while, just to test these certain signs.

I know that in our difficulties, our God wont abandon us. Just like with my case, I just want to enjoy first the things that I have been given at the moment; but of course not neglecting the plans for the future. Since, I have a mind that always think about the future, which worries me. Thinking of the present is the best thing first. Just do what I need to do. Sometimes, our mind flies so far ahead forgetting our present that we need to enjoy.

I just pray to be faithful with whatever I have been given at the moment. I know it is no good wishing that we could have been given more. We are simply called to do the best that we can with what we have.

God is so good

Hi there! Guys, It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote to you.

So, I just want to thank God today for answered prayers.

First, I have already a work and I am enjoying it. It’s so nice to deal with patients in the Emergency Room. I am still adjusting in the ER, but I know I can do this. I can be on my own in the coming days. I just need to have an open mind with the things that I need to learn.

Most of the patients that I had encountered in the ER are OB patients. I am really happy whenever I take the Fetal Heart Tone of the pregnant patients coming in the hospital. It’s so nice, just putting KY Jelly in the doppler, and then I would manipulate the doppler to find the Fetal Heart Tone. Ang saya! Just hearing the heartbeats of the baby inside.

I remembered one patient that I had the other day, she was worried of her baby, because her bag of water just broke many hours ago from when she was brought to the Emergency Room. Then, when she finally heard the heart beats of her baby inside her womb. Her anxiety was finally relieved.

Second, I am thankful that she finally took notice of me in WeSing, after six attempts of singing with her. Haha! Her name is Alexis. She is more known as Doc Six. I like her voice, and she really sings very well. I pray to sing more songs with her.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that I ate today a Mango Graham Cake from my RLE groupmate in Nursing. Her name is Asia. Ang sarap. Hehe. Namiss ko lang.

God is so good, that despite our struggles in life; He is able to just let us realize that He is still in control, awesome in power, greater and stronger than any other.

I’m grateful for work

This week, I’m grateful for having my new work already at St. Jude General Hospital and Medical Center.

Did you know? In the Roman Catholic Church, St. Jude is the Patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes.

Another thing that I like about my hospital is it is just walking distance from where I currently live. So I don’t need to pay a lot for transportation, unlike before that I usually ride a taxi, which is very expensive.

I have been assigned at the Emergency Room. I just started last Monday, February 1, 2021.

The patients coming are not that many, so I have so many free time.

Most of the patients that come are OBgyne patients. Since, the hospital was well known before to be catering pregnant women til now.

I have been undergoing training from my senior nurses. I like them. Even though, we are short staffed. Since, we would usually be having our duties for 12 hours a day.

In the long run, I would be expected to just have my duty on my own in the ER. I’m really scared to be on my own, but since we are lacking in staff nurses; therefore I should learn how to be independent. Since, there’s not a surplus of patients coming due to the pandemic.

So, all in all, I thank God for this new blessing. Since, I would be having 3 days of duty per week. The other remaining days are my offs. Meaning, I have a lot of time to study and do my assignments and I have time for my relaxation and time for myself.

Thank you God. God bless also my readers.

How are you sure that it is love?

I remembered someone asked me many many years ago,

How are you sure if what you really feel is love?

I told the person,

Love is a choice. Do you agree?


We can love so many people, and things.

But the problem is,

Are they ready to give in return what you have given them?

Unselfish love, is not asking for anything in return.

Maybe that’s the reason why we feel hurt.

It’s because we expect too much.

We love selfishly.

But, I still believe in love.

God is love.

It’s amazing how God can redeem people out of pits.

I still believe in love.

I still believe.

The pain is just part of the process

I just read recently that pain is just part of the process, whatever we’re going through right now.

So the writer, Aaron Adajar said that what if Jesus stopped at the pain? He endured pain so you don’t have to endure it by yourself. He carried to cross so you don’t have to carry your burdens alone.

He reiterated that “You might be in pain right now. You may have been hurt, abused, rejected, left out or manipulated by someone, hear me – it’s not your fault. Don’t just stop there. God is restoring you again. God is picking you up again.”

Your story doesn’t end there. Imagine what can happen, if you endure beyond the pain to reach the blessing.

Certainly, if God is with your at your highest, He’s surely with you at your lowest now.

We don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves, thinking that we deserve every pain we’re feeling. We are only humans, capable of making mistakes, but that does not mean that God exempts us from trials in life, even if we are Christians. I believe God is our redeemer.

Remember that Grace stays, Grace restores. Grace conquers. That some grace is working in you. Let Him in.

New Year’s Eve at Calapan

I spent my holidays, with mama, Dr. RJ, Kim, Pao and his girlfriend Richelle at Calapan City.

We prepared and cooked the foods eaten after doing the grocery in the morning of December 31. Pao and mama were the cooks last night since we don’t have a maid. We did all the household chores. Hehe. The food was really delicious. Thank you.

We had videoke via youtube afterwards, it was recorded via fb live and it was fun! Thank you God. I’m entrusting my faith and hope alone in God for this year’s 2021.

I’m thankful for all the lessons learned in 2020. I am forever grateful for all the people I’ve met last year. Still looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. Thank you God.