Dream Catcher

Alam ko, na iba’t iba tayo ng dreams sa buhay.

Ang success para sa isa ay hindi depinisyon ng success sa iba.

Nakikinig ka naman sa payo ng iba sayo.

Pero, paano kung iba yung gusto mong gawin?

We can’t please everyone.

So, paano na?

Iniisip ko, saan ba ako nagkamali?

Bakit gulong gulo ang isip ko?

Ano ba ang gusto kong maging talaga?

Naiimpluwensyahan ako ng mga tao sa paligid ko.

I pray to God to reveal His purpose for me in this life.

Desperately, I’m seeking God’s will for me.

Thank You God for everything.

Time is so precious

Guys, time is so precious, be generous with it, but be intentional about it.

I remembered my professor back in MHA,

The doctor told us, that everyone had been given 24 hours a day.

The question is, how do you allocate your time spent?

What do we do with the remaining hours that we have?

Every day is a chance to thank God for waking us up,

that we are still alive up to this time amidst of the contagion lurking at every corner.

How can we save our time and allot it to a more effective cause?

Hot water

As you all know, I’m already at my apartment in Carola.

I just came last Monday.

Awhile ago, I was cooking my breakfast.

Then, suddenly while I was holding the container for my noodles,

my hands slipped.

So, my right hand got burned.

It hurts.

But, I’m okay now.

I just placed a balm on it.

I am meeting my doctor later.

I want to tell him,

about my career.

I want to tell him,

about a certain guy.

Also, I just want to ask a medical certificate,

because I would like to go back to med school.

Sabi niya dati,

Dapat hindi pabago- bago ang isip ko,

yung konting hirap lang with nursing,

I will decide to go back to Med na agad.

I’m 30 years old na,

and I still don’t know what I want.

Bahala na, what’s gonna happen.

No, I know what I want.

I have just not articulated them yet.

Andaming bumabagabag sa isipan ko.

My past, my present and future.

But I just believe, that God won’t abandon me at this hour.

He holds the universe in His hands.

Including me.

I am secured in His hands.

I am a child of God.

I believe.


Victoriousprincess? But you know, I have my fair share of failures as well in my life, in love, in my schooling, in my career, and in my relationships.

But then again, failure should not be in my dictionary… It should only be results. To boost my morale. There are good results and bad results.. But every difficulty is a chance to grow and learn.

But, I am fighting every battles that I face with my head held high. These struggles make me strong as a person.

Everyday, it’s as if I’m in an arena in my mind. But am always, ready to face the most munificent enemy that I have, which is myself.

I know despite all the conflicts and discords that I had. A bright future awaits me. I know there’s more of me that meets the eye.

I say Hi! Hello there! 🙂

Trust and obey

Make quick obedience a habit.

Obey Mama and Tatay and Papa, because they have been placed there by God as your authorities.

There is freedom in obeying.

Jaea, just trust God. That no matter what happens, He is already there. He knows already what the future holds. Trust. Trust. Trust. Have faith!

Smile! Don’t fret. Keep calm.