LSI (12/15/2020)

Hi guys!

As you all know, I currently reside now at Calapan City. I went here last December 15, 2020. I will share to you how I traveled to Mindoro from my apartment in Manila.

So, my brother asked me to download an app called “Traze” from Google Play, then I registered there my phone number.

Then, a message was sent to my phone with the category heading of LSI, which has my name under it.

My destination is Sto Nino, Calapan City.

The date of travel validity is from December 15-17, 2020. In which I may travel from 7AM to 4PM.

A message was sent to me, which served as a travel confirmation. They asked me to reply upon receipt of the message. They also told me to travel safe.

On the 15th day of December, 2020. A van texted me that they will pick me up at Piy Margal Street before 10 AM. This van was booked by Paolo. He contacted the driver of the van and made some arrangements. So, after I bought food from Mcdonalds, and when they arrived.. I brought my “maleta”, backpack and my shoulder bag. I sat at the back of the driver’s seat, while I was eating my cheesy eggdesal and hot chocolate.

I was listening to songs with my cellphone’s “Wesing” app. Then, we had two stop overs. One at Pasig and the other was at Batangas. I urinated twice with those stop-overs. Upon reaching the Batangas pier, the van boarded the Starlite Jupiter Ferry. The van parked, then the passengers inside just left the van including me, to find a place to stay from the basement where the car was parked.

I immediately went to the ferries’ 2nd floor; the off limits door, where you can see the sea and the sun almost setting.

At 4PM, I bought a Hopia Roll Mongo and a mineral water, while I was waiting to watch the Lazada live of a colleague in St. Luke’s. She is a social media influencer. Her name is Angel Quilang, a floater nurse too. Her IG account is Morenachiq. She had a lazada live and I watched her doing makeup on her face while I was on the ferry.

A few minutes later, I tried to find a new spot in the Starlite. I went on the center part where most of the chairs are located but it’s open air. I saw a dog with sharp ears and a chain necklace to somehow tell that he is owned. While I was walking towards the captain’s deck, the dog stopped what he was doing and looked at me. I was scared. He was somehow smelling me. My heart skipped a beat. I am really scared of dogs, even for others, they seem harmless.

I have a traumatic experience with dogs because, back when I was a little preschooler at Jusmag Fort Bonifacio, I was bitten by a big dog that was owned by a military personnel, who was living beside our rented house in Fort Bonifacio during my childhood years.

So, back to the Starlite, the dog didn’t bark on me, but he growled, so I was scared. I meant him no harm.

Meanwhile, beside the captain’s deck. I sat down on a bench, and an African family approached me, where I was sitting. The mother was with her little son named Joseph and his husband. They were eating a Pinoy finger food. The mother offered me some food and I ate just one.

So, in that bench, there were three of us sitting. The African mother, her son and I. Then, I asked her if they were on a vacation, they said yes. After a few minutes more, I felt awkward that the African father was still standing and I feel like I took the place where he must supposedly sit, beside his son. I offered him my seat, but he gently refused me. That I should freely continue sitting instead. I was embarrassed, because I don’t know what topics to be discussed anymore with the mother and I was running out of English words. Haha! So, my excuse was.. I told them that I would just go to the comfort room. Just to have some space from them, because I was running out of topics to be discussed.

After I went to the CR. I found a new spot to stay, but before that I went back again to the family that I left just to say goodbye to the child and the family I talked to. I told them that I found a new spot. I said farewell to the child.

I’m thankful for that time. There were babies and toddlers on board the Starlite Jupiter and I was just observing them, until a little boy came across my view. He was a toddler, just walking in the aisle, holding a Skyflakes cracker. He was eating it, when suddenly it fell on the ground. He did not cry when the cracker fell. But when he caught my gaze on him, he somehow stooped down just to get the cracker. However, I didn’t blink an eye at him, I was staring at him and shook my head from left to right, then he started crying.

I just want to tell him, “Sorry, little boy, but I don’t want you to eat it because it’s already dirty.” But, I just looked at him, he cried towards his mom. I was such a bully. Sorry po. Hehe.

And so, after three hours, we reached Calapan Pier. Upon reaching Calapan Pier, my brother Paolo and his girlfriend was waiting for me. But I went to them, after I’ve shown my LSI to the deck at Calapan’s pier in trade for a stub to be given at the Barangay office for the following day.

The next day, I went to the barangay office and submitted my stub with Paolo. Thank God that his girlfriend knows how to drive for us to be there.

The barangay counselor, asked me to monitor my temperature daily, and that’s what I was doing for the next succeeding days until my fourteenth day of staying in Calapan just to monitor if I have symptoms of Covid. They are texting me daily just to be reminded.

Build me up, Buttercup

So, today is October 18 in the year of our Lord 2020.

My last day of my vacation leave.

I just came from an overnight today from Pasig City. I slept last night at One Spatial Condo with Mer, Iya and Hannah at Amang Rodriguez St., Sitio Ligaya, Brgy. De La Paz, Pasig City. The place is just meters away from Marcos Highway, one of Pasig’s busiest thoroughfares. This condo is beside Ayala Malls Feliz also known as Feliz Town Center at Vermont building Room 306 with two bedrooms.

I had a tough and challenging day today, and I’ve learned something new about myself.

I seldom get angry for so long, but I just flared up awhile ago. I’m a control freak pala.

My friend and I had a misunderstanding. I was upset because I already paid for the overnight fee via BPI debit card plus my food and pajama fee. However, the budget exceeded and I needed to pay additional cash. I don’t feel good shedding another cash from my wallet, because it is difficult to find an Automated Teller Machine and to withdraw cash. Another thing is, I did not like what my friend told me about our excess food which was cooked yesterday to be thrown away.

I’ve acted weirdly because the cooked food is valuable to me, because part of the money that I shed for that was earned by me from the work that I have. You will really know the importance of money when it is already earned by you, rather than the feeling of getting it as an allowance or for free.

I also realized that I am not that good with budgeting too, because I am such a spender. Also, I got disappointed with my other person with us, because I felt like napipilitan lang siya maghugas ng kawali after I told her to wash it. So, instead I told her to leave it, and I’ll do it myself.

So, I was left on the kitchen sink. I washed the plates, spoons and forks and the containers for the viands. I cooked corned beef with oil and garlic and onions only (which woke up my friend after I prepared the garlic and onions.). I heated the rice with turmeric, reheated the sinigang after placing additional water on it, I heated the chicken adobo until the excess “sabaw” evaporated, and I also washed the dishes but not all of it before we ate our brunch.

I feel embarrassed with how I acted, I pray they forgive me.

With regards to worship… I told a friend I am with awhile ago that we can worship God anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter the place and the people you are with. I forgot to tell him though that it’s not just by singing. Worship is not just about singing. It reflects on everything we do. We can worship God on how we author our work with the best that we can give, whether it is by washing the dishes, cooking, even by eating with friends.

I just don’t know if God was enlightened about how I acted awhile ago. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we won’t get angry. We are still humans. We feel various emotions. So, I served my friends awhile ago to make up with what I did.

I don’t like it pala, when I do everything on my own. I realized that I can’t do everything on my own. I should be humble enough to ask for help when I need it.

I was so full of pride that I did not even said goodbye to them. I went separate way by commuting and them rode the grab car.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, you know who you are. Please forgive me, how can I make it up to you? I’m learning. I have so many things to learn in this borrowed life that I have.

Lord, please prepare me for duty tomorrow. I pray for a good night sleep.

Haunted Hospital (Baler 2017)

Conjuring 2 movie of the night at Costa Pacifica

Sabang Hospital: Haunted Hospital ( Costa Pacifica)

Photo with co-passengers to Baler

Lunch with Epi, Riza, Charlene and Ashley

Haunted Hospital Tickets at Costa Pacifica Hotel, Baler 2017

with an engaged couple

Ditumabo Mother falls adventure with the gals at San Luis, Maria Aurora

Bigla na lang pumasok sa isip ko na gusto ko palang magsulat ng horror stories, kakayanin ko kaya? Kahit maikling kuwento lang.

Kasi, sobrang underrated ang mga horror stories daw ngayon.. Hindi na nga masyadong takot ang mga bata sa mga multo, aswang o nuno sa punso, mga manananggal, diwata, kapre o mga malignong laging nakatingin sayo, kahit san ka pumunta, mapasa-ilaw man yan o sa dilim.

Isang araw, habang nagduduty ako sa ospital, tinanong ko yung senior nurse ko. Anong horror movie ang talagang natakot siya.. Ang sabi niya.. Japanese horror movies daw talaga yung pinakanakakatakot niyang napanuod. Well, maski ako.. kabado din sa horror movies ng Japan. Marami silang pinaghuhugutan.

Isang araw din nang ako ay nagbakasyon ng magisa papuntang Baler, may nakilala akong mga bagong kaibigan sa loob ng van, apat sila. Sila Riza, Epi, Ashley and Charlene. Kasabay ko silang kumain ng almusal bago lumangoy sa falls ng Maria Aurora, pero hindi ko nakasama lumangoy sa dagat, nauna kasi akong nagising, nagsurf ako ng ako lang magisa, pero may nagturo naman.. Mahirap pala magsurf, lalo na kung mahirap ang balancing skills mo. Tulad ko, since medyo chubby ako at baguhan pa lamang sa surfing, ang hirap magbalance. Ilang beses akong sumubsob sa alon ng dagat. Pero, may nakilala din akong ibang friends na kasabay ko rin lumangoy sa dagat, magsyota din.. pero girl and boy, engaged couple, tapos yung iba mga dayo din at mga locals.

Yung apat na bago kong nakilalang friends, sina Riza, Ash, Charlene and Epi.. natulog kami sa isang kwarto. Nasa double deck silang apat, ako nasa lapag, but don’t worry may kutsyon naman. Bago kami natulog, pumunta kami sa isang haunted hospital, sa may Costa Pacifica Hotel Baler, Aurora. Ang galing ng effects and make-up, maski yung sounds at yung mga manika/dummies na mukhang pasyente at bangkay.. talagang nakakabilib. Ang movie of the night nung gabing yun ay Conjuring 2.

Tawa ng tawa yung mga kasama ko habang dinadayo namin ang bawat area sa haunted hospital. May nakaiwan ng tsinelas, may napatalon, napasigaw, napahalakhak sa kaba. Syempre dun sa ospital na yun, may Emergency Room, Operating Room, ICU, Nursery, at Morgue.. Yun yung pagkakaalala ko. Subalit, hindi ko sure kung kasama yung Delivery room sa napuntahan namin.

Para sa akin, mas nakakatakot sa Delivery room. Seryoso. Promise.