He is a mystery

Have you ever felt the desire to know someone on a deeper level? To know what goes on in their mind?

Have you ever felt like you are solving a puzzle whenever you think of this person and no matter what you do, you can’t fully comprehend how complex and magnificent the person is.

He is such a mystery. I’m pertaining to God.

Am I the only one who feels this? Or do you feel the same way?

I can’t fully understand how much He loves me. He may not say it directly but he lets me feel it surprisingly.

It’s so amazing, from the moment I wake up until I face myself in the mirror. I am so amazed on how he created me: my beautiful face, my soft hair, my curves, my body, every single part of me is such a beauty. My voice. My mind. My smile. Wow. Amazing and it’s all because of Him. He created me so wonderfully.

Thank you God.

God does not want you to spend the rest of your life waiting

“He wants you to touch people’s lives and not just watch them walk passed by you. He wants you to initiate things. He wants you to feel rejected so you could choose to love over and over again despite not getting things the way you wanted. He knows that one day, you’d see that there is a purpose behind the rejection.

When that day comes, you will cry your heart out. It will once again bring you to your knees, “God, you’re right. It’s all worth it. Use me more. Whatever it takes. Just use me more.

Here’s the thing: Throw away everything that can hinder to your growth. Grow in the Lord and not in being the best amongst. Grow in loving the Lord and not in loving the man you thought you need.

Seek growth. It’s gonna be painful but trust that the Lord has a purpose. And He is a God who can redeem you even from the worst shame and even from the biggest lost. For the record, He is the God who turned water into wine, who fed the five thousand with seven loaves of bread and the God who brought dead to life.

He is a God who has plans to prosper you. Move. Don’t spend the rest of your life waiting. Grow. He’ll be with you every step of the way. In Him, you have everything you need.”

I got this excerpt from Joena San Diego’s blog while I was browsing the net. I found her blog and I was blessed. It depicts that God does not want us for the rest of our lives waiting. 🙂 Thank you Joena! I hope to read your books this summer.

Catriona Gray is Miss Universe 2018!


It took Pia Wurtzbach three tries before she finally got the Binibini crown, and eventually the Miss Universe crown.

Catriona didn’t bag the Miss World title back in 2016, because now we know that God meant for her to be the queen of the universe for 2018.

What these women both teach us is grit. And faith, and perseverance in the face of disappointment.

Queens weren’t made in a day, or even a year. They fall, falter, and fumble. And along the way, they learn valuable lessons to share. Life’s delays, are God’s delays.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, take heart. God is at work, He’s preparing your heart, and the best is yet to be!

Life’s delays are God’s delays, for a better YOU!


May learning padin 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 kaya walang bibitaw! Laban na sa 2019!!!!

I am so amazed that our Miss Universe 2018 is a Bicolana too. So proud of you Catriona Gray! Miss Universe 2018! ❤  

In this photo, you can see Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel- Peters crowning her successor
Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray wearing the Mayon gown of Mak Tumang from the Philippines at Bangkok, Thailand.