MHA Term papers

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It’s time now to delve my time with my school requirements for this semester before the approaching holidays.

I’m currently writing a term paper on MCH201 Maternal and Child Health, the title is “RA.10354 Section 7. Access to family planning”, and my individual paper on HPAD 206 International Health is about “Suicide prevention in India, Japan and the Philippines”

I hope I can finish these individual paperworks. Adding up to that is the Budget for program activities that I need to submit for our group grant proposal on “HIV prevention among young males in Cebu City” for HPAD206; the worksheets 8-9 that I need to finish for HA280.1’s strategic planning; and the forms and letters that I need to do for my management study’s “Effect of Preventive Health Care Management on the rate of OPD follow up and utilization of hospital revenue centers”. All to be done before the holidays.

Help me God.