Hi! I’m Jaea, in short for Ma. Jaenara Bitao.

I’m single, a Filipina, and a Christian. I’m a Registered Nurse.

I was born on October 15. I’m the eldest among my siblings. I have a brother and sister that I love. I have an inclination in the arts as well. I paint as a therapy for my stress and also as a hobby. I’m a frustrated dancer. I dance silly dances sometimes. I also love to swim. Swimming is my favorite sports. I love beaches and pools. Other than that, I love reading. I also love to watch movies and I love to eat! I also love singing. It’s one of my stress relievers.

I became a medical student as well. But somehow I wasn’t able to continue it. I took a leave of absence and still thinking whether it’s for me or not brought about my life circumstances. But I still want to become a doctor though in the future. Someday.

I’m a frustrated writer. I’m delving the things I love, my dreams, opinions, the things that inspires me and amuses me and my unspoken thoughts here in WordPress. I’m not a pro in terms of writing but I’m doing my best. So take it easy on me.

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