My Mentors in Nursing

As you all know, I haven’t had any work experience in Nursing since I graduated in 2011. I just started to work as an employee way back in 2016, meaning I have 5 years gap after I graduated. Mahirap mag-work ng may gap na ganun katagal.

I started my nursing journey at the New Oriental Mindoro Provincial Hospital as an Emergency Room Nurse and OPD Nurse. My mentor that I won’t forget is Sir Jericho or Jex as what others call him. He is really good in intubation and IV insertions, and he is good in dealing with surgery trauma/ ortho cases.

Then in ManilaMed, I can’t remember who my preceptor was and who I shadowed in 7th Extension and 9th Extension. I just remembered my managers that time, Sir Ken and Maam Phen. The nurses who trained us for the Athena program was Maam Kate and Sir Junmar.

In PGH -NICU, the person who trained me in NICU was Maam Magee. She is knowledgeable with newborn care. She taught me how to feed them and how to give their medications.

In St. Luke’s, my preceptor in 3 West Pedia was Maam Anna. who taught me to close the door gently; in 6th Main A – Pulmo Unit was Sir Luigi, who taught me that we have different styles in carrying out the skills, just don’t forget the basic principles in nursing; my mentor in JD-ICU was Maam Sarah; who taught me to be kind to nursing assistants and we can learn a lot from them too; and my PCS manager was Maam Jane, she taught me how trust is important. I stayed in St. Luke’s for 1 year and six months.

While at present in St. Jude, my mentors in Emergency room were: Sir Jonathan, Sir Kriz, Maam Ariane, Sir Gabriel, and Maam Hanna, while my manager is Sir Celsie.

I’ve learned from all of my mentors. Each with different good qualities and skills, and various personalities. They were all great mentors.

If you’ll ask me, bakit hindi ako nagtagal sa mga previous ko na institutions, I have commitment issues. Haha!

But there is a deeper reason why.

Don’t worry, I have no plans in resigning yet at St. Jude. Haha. I still need to rise up to the challenge.

If it’s God’s will, praying to stay at St. Jude for as long as God wants me to stay. Please pray for me. 🙂


Dear Readers,

Did you know, I just realized lately.. how important food is, maliban sa need siya for survival.

Parang Fight or Flight lang.

Kapag naka fight mode ka with your Autonomic Nervous System, iisipin mo pa ba kumain?

I realized, kapag hindi ka kumain, mas madalas yung chances na parati kang magagalit.

Kaya importante to, “Kumain ka na ba?” hahaha.

Paulit -ulit kong naririnig to, kapag galit ka, “Magbilang ka muna ng 1-10, 1-5 or 1-3, saka ka magsalita”.

I’ve learned that phrase from Maam Christine and Maam Liwelyn, both are managers.

Tapos, hindi ka na masyadong galit pakinggan.

One more thing, your self identity is very important.

No one can refute what you say about yourself, because that’s your identity.

Knowledge. Skills. Attitude. Which is the most important?

Some people say, hire people with the attitude, because knowledge and skills can be taught.

Pero yung attitude, mababago ba?

Self introspection:

Alam niyo, hindi naman ako masamang tao. Pero I realized lately, hindi ganun kahaba ang patience ko. Tahimik ako, pero mabilis ako magalit. Dati hindi naman ako ganito. I just changed. Although, I still read the bible. I sometimes pray. It’s a daily struggle for me, to pray consistently. I’m a Christian, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t get angry anymore.

Mas grabe ako magalit after I became a Christian. I just don’t want injustice.