Time is so precious

Guys, time is so precious, be generous with it, but be intentional about it.

I remembered my professor back in MHA,

The doctor told us, that everyone had been given 24 hours a day.

The question is, how do you allocate your time spent?

What do we do with the remaining hours that we have?

Every day is a chance to thank God for waking us up,

that we are still alive up to this time amidst of the contagion lurking at every corner.

How can we save our time and allot it to a more effective cause?

Can dreams be really stolen?

Have you ever had a dream? or an idea?

Then, someone infiltrated your space and took it from you?

If it was stolen, was it really meant for you?

Before I became a Christian in high school,

I am so selfish of my ideas, my strategies, and my plans;

I keep it to my self, because I don’t want to be defeated.

I wanted to be Top 1.

I want to work on the goal that I have, and I focused really well.

I studied well. I am quite good with individual sports too.

Although I tried team sports, but I am not a good team player;

Also, I never even joined a cheer dance competition when I was young.

However, I am more inept with solos.

Moving on, if that dream was stolen, was it really God given?

Can dreams be really stolen?

I remembered a man in the Book of Matthew, when he discovered a treasure hidden in a field; in his excitement he hid it again and sold everything he owned to buy the field. It was the parable of the hidden treasure, which was described like the kingdom of Heaven. (See Matthew 13:44)

If I will try to consolidate, dreams like ideas: tangible or not are very essential to a person who had it, but sometimes, they can be taken away too, because we are not yet in paradise. We are on earth, people make mistakes, even Christians who claim to have Christ in them. It doesn’t exempt anyone.

However, dreams are still dreams, like visions and prophecies.

Can time that had been stolen, be given back?

Do dreams that had been thwarted from the start be redeemed?