To All The Boys – Always and Forever

I just finished watching the third movie of Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys – Always and Forever from the book of Jenny Han.

It was fun seeing their relationship flourish which all started with a love letter that was sent accidentally to Peter by Lara Jean’s sister Kitty. Peter was one of Lara Jean’s five crushes from many many years ago, and it’s funny that they became boyfriends eventually. Although, it began first as a fake relationship with a fake love contract.

Moreover, in this movie, Lara Jean had struggles of applying for college. She initially wanted to go to Stanford University because Peter was accepted there too, and they both want to go to the same college together. But then, Lara Jean was not accepted at Stanford.

A back up plan that she made was to go instead to Berkeley University for her English Literature Program, to compensate with the distance that Stanford and Berkeley has. In order that Lara Jean and Peter can meet half ways in San Francisco during weekends probably.

But then, when they had a school trip in New York.

Her former bestfriend Jen was accepted at New York University (NYU). So when Lara Jean and Chris saw Jen with a senior from NYU, Lara Jean together with Jen and Chris went to a party as invited by the senior. With Lara Jean’s stay at NY, she fell in love at first sight with the city. Also, NYU has the best English Lit program, and it would be best for her to study there.

When they came back, Lara Jean learned that she was accepted at NYU for college.

However, she had a dilemma of what school to choose, whether or not, Berkeley or NYU.

She wanted to go to Berkeley for Peter, but then, what her heart wanted was to go to NYU. However, it is 3000 miles away from Stanford.

Lara Jean felt that they might not survive a long distance relationship. She was scared, but that was what her heart wanted. She wanted to study at NYU.

As the story unfold, Lara Jean and Peter broke up after the prom because of a misunderstanding; and reunited again after the wedding of Lara Jean’s father with her step mom.

So, Peter made a letter in Lara Jean’s school yearbook and made it as their new contract. In that letter, he told Lara Jean that he wanted to be by her side, even if it means letting her study at NYU, despite the distance of 3000 miles. Fully supporting one another despite the long distance, which entails trust and faith in the person; and he doesn’t want to hold back Lara Jean from her dreams in life.

One opportunity that arise with that instance is the possibility of writing love letters which is sweet, as what Lara Jean said before the movie ended, which she liked.

I love the movie, it’s not that dragging. It’s sweet. It might be a cliché love story, but it happens in real life. Struggles of couples entering college with different schools, or couples having long distance relationships because of work.