Is it possible?

I have so many questions that needed answers…

Is it possible to love one person alone?

Is it possible to be faithful?

Is it possible?

What makes a person love someone sincerely and genuinely?

Have you found her?

Is there a reason you should pursue her?

If the answer is yes,

what’s the reason?

Do you love her?

If yes,

it’s okay.

You are free to love.

But, your freedom ends when it harms the person.

You say, you have feelings for her.

But, if you do have feelings for her,

Why would you refrain from pursuing?

Maybe, you are in doubt?

It might be because you are not sure enough.

Or, you have other girls in mind as potential mates.

Don’t worry, it’s okay.

It’s perfectly normal.

Just go on with your life full of possibilities.

Enjoy your God given blessings.

As what other people say,

In this game of life called love,

To which side do you belong?

Are you winning?

Or, Are you losing?

Love is the most beautiful thing that God created for us to experience.

Love with no regrets.

Love with no pretensions.

Love and give it all you have.

Love is not meant for cowards, but for courageous beings only.

Be brave. You can do it, love.