Fear of numbers

Have you ever encountered a person with fear of numbers?

Numerophobia, also known as arithmophobia, is the fear of numbers. There are few different triggers for numerophobia. It is more commonly suffered by children, especially after beginning to take math classes in school. So they would try to avoid doing math at all costs.

I have a theory that maybe some people fear reading the bible too because of the numbers that they see.

When I was in highschool, I am often chosen to represent the school in Math competitions in Iriga City. I was always with Katrin Joy, my best friend. She is more inept with me in Math. Even if I don’t like Math and it makes me anxious even with just the thought of computing; I still studied hard for it. I allotted more time on it compared to my other subjects. That was my secret. I put more time on difficult subjects like Math compared with my other subjects, as far as I can remember.

Furthermore, I’d like to share that there was this one time, my mom gave me a gift. The gift she gave is a book entitled “Inspiration For Every Day” By Lizzie Cornwall of Summersdale Publishers from United Kingdom.

I love that book because of the author’s creativity, also the book has no page numbers. Hahaha! So, if you’d like to remember a page, you need to start from page 1, or simply rely on photographic memory. That is how the book will torture you. However, I am not tortured. I love every page. In every page, she will tell you how to be inspired. I love also how it was crafted and designed. I love the art inside. It’s beautifully compiled.