Hot water

As you all know, I’m already at my apartment in Carola.

I just came last Monday.

Awhile ago, I was cooking my breakfast.

Then, suddenly while I was holding the container for my noodles,

my hands slipped.

So, my right hand got burned.

It hurts.

But, I’m okay now.

I just placed a balm on it.

I am meeting my doctor later.

I want to tell him,

about my career.

I want to tell him,

about a certain guy.

Also, I just want to ask a medical certificate,

because I would like to go back to med school.

Sabi niya dati,

Dapat hindi pabago- bago ang isip ko,

yung konting hirap lang with nursing,

I will decide to go back to Med na agad.

I’m 30 years old na,

and I still don’t know what I want.

Bahala na, what’s gonna happen.

No, I know what I want.

I have just not articulated them yet.

Andaming bumabagabag sa isipan ko.

My past, my present and future.

But I just believe, that God won’t abandon me at this hour.

He holds the universe in His hands.

Including me.

I am secured in His hands.

I am a child of God.

I believe.