What’s next after St. Luke’s?

I told my papa, that I have not been going to work anymore.

I said, that I would like to go to Bicol sana. He said na mag-apply daw ako sa Bicol Medical Center. I told my mama about it. She did not approve. My brother fixed my requirements for travel to mindoro. Nagdadalawang isip ako. I just want to finish my contract with stlukes. Then find a new job.

I don’t know who to obey guys. hahaha!

Basta, I applied at USTH, since it is just walking distance from where I live. I talked to the chief nurse, she said I should have a graceful exit at St. Luke’s first, before I proceed with my application.

I like the chief nurse of USTH. She did not have a stigma about me taking my medicines after telling her that I was clinically depressed, unlike my other superiors.

Does the way a manager treats or believes in his/her subordinates affect their performance at work? Hmm. Something to think about.

Honestly, I don’t like to work abroad anymore. So, what am I gonna do now? I just want to visit countries someday but I don’t like to live there for long.

But, I have a bunsong kapatid. She’s still a college student. She is really a bright kid. I need to prepare just in case she really wants to study medicine, because it is costly.