Guilty to a Dean

I’ll tell you guys something I did unjustly to a dean before.

She was a visitor of my mom to our house in Calapan. She stayed at our house since she was looking for a new place to stay. I was so prideful, and even tamad sa gawaing bahay, lately. I just forgot what I’ve been through in the past, that I was once under the wheel of life. I was not trained to clean the house, even when I was young, because of our house helper. Maybe, that’s the reason why I was the Valedictorian in highschool. Someone cooks for me. Someone does my laundry and even irons my clothes, even when I live at a small bahay during my highschool days.

After I ate my meals, I’ve let her wash the dishes, the dean. I realized that I was so full of myself. I was disrespectful since she was already old.

I feel sad. I would not be able to meet her again, probably, just to make up from what I did.

To tell you honestly, I don’t know how to treat visitors. I don’t know how to treat them. So, I really apologize to the dean.

Once I had a visitor in highschool, just one person. I’ve let her inside my house in Bicol, since she let me inside her house too. I was so ashamed to let my friends visit my house in Bicol, even my best friend in highschool, because it is small, and only a few people can get inside. We don’t even have a refrigerator.

Do you know where I poop and take a bath, during my highschool years? It is a pigpen, where small pigs are being fed, that’s where pigs are being raised. It does not even have a door, just a sack of cloth to cover people inside. This pigpen has a latrine outside where the human wastes are being collected, and I am not ashamed to tell you this.

One day, I was once a visitor of a house of a son of a former military general during Marcos’ era. When they let me inside their house, the son did not let me eat in their big oval table with them. He let me eat in the square table where the servants eat. So, I feel like a servant of them too. Still thankful that they let me eat with a table and by not standing. Haha.

It’s nothing. That’s some of the reasons why I don’t like visitors coming in my house. I’d rather treat them outside, but not in my house. First, I don’t have a maid. Second, I don’t like to wash the dishes. Third, I don’t like to cook.