Tick Tock

When I was still a child, I remembered my lola +Regina. She has a big clock at her house, many years ago. This clock is as tall as a cabinet, I don’t really know the term, but it doesn’t tick whenever the seconds move like normal clocks. It ticks at certain hours only.

Guys, I’ll tell you something…

I am anxious whenever I hear the clock ticking, I feel like “nabibilang na ang araw ko sa mundo”. Hahaha. That’s why, I feel better using electric fan than the aircon, because I can’t hear the ticking clock. The sound of the fan shadows the clock ticking that I have in my room. The sound of my music also shadows the clock ticking.

Anyway, I am so glad today. An unexpected visitor came. So I am counting the days from today, December 8, 2020.