My Lolo’s last words to me

My lolo died at Hospital of the Holy Cross in Calapan many years ago. He had an aneurysm from what I heard, but I’m not sure on what particular part it was located.

Before he died, I haven’t taken cared of him. I have not even had the chance to give him food nor change his diapers. I never even had the chance to hold his hand, but I was there, just looking at him. He was like a baby. I don’t have that caring side in me kahit na registered nurse na ko.

I just did my best in school nung college, kasi kailangan for the grades. I was a grade conscious student and very competitive too.

My lolo said to me, when he was still alive… “Mag bakasyon daw muna ako.. Sa Holland”.

My thoughts: “Hahaha. Wala po akong budget para sa bakasyon, lo. Kasi wala akong matinong stable na work, at hindi ko alam paano mag book ng plane ticket (at my age)” haha

However, it’s also my dream to go to Holland and see the tulips and go to Anne Frank’s House and read her diary, and ride the bicycle there and have picture taking. Hehe.

Gusto ko rin pumunta sa Shakespeare and Company, sa Paris. From what I heard, they let other people sleep in their library? Or I am not sure.

Yun lang po. I love my lolo. He was an outstanding businessman from many years ago. Although he had another child ‘out of wedlock’ from a person that I don’t know. It was not really openly discussed within the family.

My lolo loves to plant too. He planted Avocado and other plants that are unfamiliar to me. Haha. He took care of dogs and catfishes and pigs too from many years ago. He loves to walk every morning and evening and oftenly ask ‘kaning baboy’ from neighbors for his pigs. Hehe. This is just what I remembered when I was still a child. He is a people person in contrast to my lola, who is very goal oriented.