Guys, I’ll tell you something..

I have a tita, a cousin of my mom. She was a nun at a convent from I don’t know. But, she left the convent after so many years. I haven’t ask her what’s the reason she left.

You know what I like about nuns, they wear the same dress and shoes. They have a dress code. Then, they won’t get confused on what to wear.

I had a classmate before, she is a nun. She is really nice. She worked at a hospital managed by nuns.

I also had a classmate before in medschool, she is a nun too. She was from India, so she had a hard time adjusting to the class, because some of the professors don’t speak in English when teaching. She dropped first year I think. She was sent to study medicine by her congregation.

I am so sad, guys. Sometimes, gusto ko nalang maging madre. Hahaha.