The Book Thief

Alam niyo ba, may mga libro akong di pa naibabalik hanggang ngayon sa mga owners nila.

  1. Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, Timeless tales of Gods and Heroes
  2. Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown
  3. Anatomy PreTest Self Assessment and Review, by Ernest W. April (4th edition)
  4. What’s so amazing about Grace, by Philip Yancey
  5. Know what you believe, by Paul E. Little
  6. Book about Hospital Architectural design from DOH

So far, ito lang naalala ko.

Haha. Hindi ko pa rin tapos basahin.

Yung dalawang book, nasa akin dito sa Manila. Yung ibang books nasa Mindoro. Hindi ko pa rin tapos basahin. Haha.

Don’t judge a book by its movie.

I believe it is much better to read a book by yourself, than to watch it.

I am really sorry sa mga rightful owners of the books na hindi ko pa nasoli.