Thrown away

I did something terrible yesterday.

I threw my medals in college (cum laude and swimming medals) and swimming medals in med school. Maybe, I am just displacing my anger to them, since they cannot feel anything if I let go of them.

How can a gold plated thing give me feelings of mental uneasiness. Did you know, I had only been a scholar for only one semester in college. Since I was Valedictorian in high school, I was only a scholar during the first semester of my first year. However, I was not a study grant, so my parents STILL PAID my tuition fee despite me having been CONSISTENT in the Dean’s list.

The reason I threw them away is that I would like to move on for better things to come in the future along my path. I just need to let go of my past achievements.

Do you think, I did the right thing?

I am still not finish in cleaning the room I reside, which I only rent for free with consent from the owner.