#TheSW30 Day 27: Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

Today is the 27th of the single woman’s 30 day blogging challenge and I am tasked to talk about something I really, really, really love about myself.

So, what do I love about myself?

First, I love my teeth and my smile. This teeth that I have is precious. When I was young my teeth were unaligned, but I wore braces after I graduated college. I wore my orthodontic braces for 8 years. Although I already lack one second molar on my right side of my lower teeth, I still feel blessed even if it is lacking and even if it’s not perfect. I had two dentists who fixed my teeth alignment. The first one was Dr. Van Caraan with assistance from Dr. Miriam, and the second was Dr. Ryan Soriano of Radiant Smile Clinic in Calapan, a board top-notcher in Dentistry Board Exam in his time. Before my teeth was aligned, I had a lateral incisor on the left side of my upper teeth that my dentist rotated 180 degrees plus another 90 degrees. I thought it was impossible, but it was rotated. Amazing.

One of the reasons I did not pursue my childhood dream of becoming a news reporter was because of my teeth. It was sungki sungki when I was a child since grade 4, because I was afraid of dentists. I wanted to become a journalist before, but it changed. I pursued Nursing and I have no regrets that I chose it as my course.

One of the things I also like about myself is my spirit of not giving up easily. I was not born genius, in fact I was very sickly when I was young. But, I persevered in school. I studied really hard and I stayed up late at night. I did not study at a prestigious university, but I still feel blessed that I studied where I took my Nursing undergraduate program in Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Memorial Schools – Makati Medical Center at Makati City.

Another thing that I like about myself is my voice. I don’t have a diva like voice. I can’t reach very high notes and even very low notes. Even so, I like my voice. I was once the voice actor of the protagonist in a play that “The Artiste Guild” (TAG) organization produced in MegaMall, when I was still in college. I once also went to ABS-CBN’s Showtime, a person there said that, “try ko daw sa radio”, because of my voice. But, I didn’t tried auditioning. haha.

Thank you God for creating me fearfully and wonderfully.