Telephone Call

Today is October 8 in the year of our Lord 2020.

I feel blessed today. God is real.

I woke up awhile ago… I was thinking of what must I do upon waking up today.

I did not open my cell phone. So, I was not able to have my devotional using my Youversion app, but I sat down and closed my eyes and just talked my thoughts, giving thanks to some cosmic being.

I had trouble really knowing my priorities, with what must I do first.

As a person, how do you prioritize your needs?

So, what I did when I stood up from my bed, I went to my mini kitchen sink. I took my “kaldero”, placed a one cup of rice grains, washed the rice grains twice, then placed water up to the line midway between my distal phalanx and middle phalanx of my middle right finger: some sort of crease in the distal intarphalangeal area and cooked rice using my induction cooker for about 10 minutes.

When the rice boiled, I turned off the cooker. Then, opened it again for about 10 minutes more. Then, I stopped it on it’s 5th minute because the rice doesn’t smell good anymore and it seems like the rice is burnt already. So, I stopped it.

The next thing I did, I cooked my “Lucky me” Chicken flavored noodles. I missed this food. It’s been a very long time since I ate this. Then, I opened my Century tuna can and transferred it in a “lalagyan” (I don’t know the english term.. P.S I’ll search for it).

Then, I prepared my table before eating. I placed a pink placemat on top of my wooden table just intended for one person. I placed water on my transparent plastic glass and put a one sachet of “Refresh” and mixed it as my water. This is my last sachet already, so I need to buy again. Afterwards, I took all of the rice that I cooked and placed it in a fragile plate that can break into pieces if it falls. I placed my “lucky me” noodles in a plastic container and took a spoon and fork. Then, I am thankful that I can eat. I ate all of my food and drank my water.

I was laidback the entire day. I didn’t wash my dishes immediately. I opened my laptop and listened to Lea Salonga’s playlist. Right now, I am listening to Best of Regine Velasquez’ Greatest Hits of 2018.

Before I left my room today, I took a bath. Then, I wore my undergarments, then my gray skirt and blue top, a wristwatch. I put on my eyeglasses. I combed my hair. I put on some essential oil in my face. Tied my hair in a ponytail. I wore my facemask and face shield.

The sandals that I chose today is beige in color. Then, I took my blue body bag and locked my room and went out to go to the Mercury Drugstore along Lacson near Dapitan street. I bought 10 tablets of 200 mg of Amiabel as prescribed by my doctor and facemasks. Then, I went home.

Upon reaching my room, I opened the light switch and opened my electric fan. Then, I sat down and looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled at her. Haha.

Then, I lied down on my bed. After a few minutes, my telephone rang. I wonder who was calling. Nobody calls me lately. So, I stood up and picked up the phone. I heard the voice and I smiled. It was my brother. He called me via long distance from Mindoro. He asked me if how was I. He asked if I already took my medication. I said that I already bought my medicines today. He asked if how many tablets did I buy, so he could monitor. I said, I bought 10. Then, he told me that he had a dream that I did not take my medicine for three days, and truth be told, he’s right. I stopped taking my medicine, but I bought now and I already took half tablet. Our conversation ended in the telephone, when I heard my mom called him. Before I put down the phone, I thanked him for calling and I told him that I love him.

So, thank you for this day.