UBB 282

Today is October 6 in the year of our Lord 2020.

I woke up with a smile, because I slept soundly last night. Then, I had my quiet time and I’ve read about Worship devotional day 1. I drank water and took a bath with a “tabo” and pail. Then, I prepared to go to the hospital. I am wearing a white t-shirt, a Lee jeans short, my pink socks with a Hug me print. So, this two socks that I have has a cactus plant on a pot with eleven circles and the cactus was wearing pink eye glasses. This is the first time that I looked at it intently, because I first thought that it was strawberry, but I was mistaken. I was also wearing my pink clort shoes that I used to hike at mount Ulap.

Then, I placed some serum on my face and I applied an oil for my eyelashes and eyebrows, and some focus oil from a 10ml container. This essential oils are from Oh Well. Then, I applied my make-up. I placed a Myra powder foundation on my face. I applied an eyeshadow from my Shawill Makeup artist palette. I also placed a blush on from my Shawill Highlight and Contour Palette. I also placed an eyeliner on my upper eyelids. This liquid eyeliner is special because it is Anastacia Beverly Hills in lavender colored container. Then, for my lips I put on Elemente lipstick’s Uranus.

I wore my brown eyeglasses from Own Days. I also wore my black Quartz wristwatch. I put on a gold-plated ring on my right index finger. I wore my Patient Care Services – Nursing Care Group jacket. Then, I wore my gold ear-saver with an engraved letters of SMILE for my face mask that I bought from Apolpielovesyou for the first time. Then, I used my blue body bag from Cose. I was ready to go out. I already left our gate but as I was walking along Carola street and as I reached Piy Margal street, I realized that I was not wearing a face shield. So, I went back and walked upstairs to my room on the third floor of the building to get my face shield. Then, I left my room.

After walking at Piy Margal, I walked at a certain street… I always forget the name of this street. Then, I walked at Espana until I reached Lacson and I waited for a taxi on the other side of the road along Espana. I rode the taxi.

In the taxi, I saw a green cloth (parang basahan) covering the backseat. I fixed how its placed. Then, I listened to the radio. It’s funny about what they were talking about. They were talking about distance and love. The DJ said that distance is…. how love can travel the test of time. If your love can stand Covid19, it can stand for eternity.

Today is my rest day, but I went to the hospital where I work at to meet my manager of the Patient Care Services Department to ask for two things: my rice stub and my consultation request for the clinic. However, I was not given the rice stub because it was already locked when I came, instead the rice was converted to money and sent to my account.

Then, I went to the H.E. clinic to file for a sick leave. Since, I was absent last night on duty. I did not go to work because I was not feeling well because I did not get enough sleep before my night duty started. I was not prepared for duty, so I opted not to go. But then, my manager told me that I should not have frequent absences at work. I’m thankful for the guidance of my manager. Though, I can be good when it comes to theory, I have this difficulty at work when it comes to rendering actual skills, that’s why I have still not been immersed at the Intensive Care Unit. So, I need to keep up because I am being left behind by some of my junior nurses, considering that it is already my 13th month of working in the hospital.

After I filed my sick leave, I went back to my manager and sir Nathan came. He asked my manager to let at least five nurses to evaluate a product. I was the first person to evaluate Procare’s hand gloves. So, I wrote down that it is comfortable to wear and that it is acceptable for me.

I was wearing the gloves until I saw a taxi with a plate number UBB 282 at E. Rodriguez Street. I rode it, and sat on the front seat beside the driver since the door at the backseat was locked. The taxi driver’s seat has a plastic wall as a preventive measure from Covid19.

Then, the driver told me his story about being a driver. He shared about his complaints of being a driver. He said that “Iba ang Pilipino kapag naging employer compared to foreigners” (Filipino employers are unique compared to foreigners). I asked him about it… He said that apart from being a driver, his Filipino employer was asking him to till the soil because this employer that he had loves to plant. But, he was complaining about it because his job must only be about driving. He does not like to till the soil. I told him, maybe there is a reason why his employer wants him to till the soil. He further said that, he doesn’t have a green thumb because all of the plants that he tries to plant dies. He told me that his mother “once” told him when he was 12 years old, “na mamamatay ang halaman pag siya ang nagtanim” (the plants will die if he plants it). So, he never tried again.

At present, he is a widower. His wife died five years ago. His wife loves to plant on their yard when she was still alive. However, when his wife died, his wife’s plants and flowers were not taken cared of anymore, and the lot that used to have plants were instead replaced for carpentry materials.

I asked him if he loves his wife who already passed away, he said yes. Now that he is a widower, he also said that there is a certain girl, still young who likes him but he does not opt to marry again, because he does not want to buy anymore baby diapers.

Upon reaching the place where I currently live, I challenged him to cultivate his yard and maybe start to plant again. Before I left the seat, I shared to him Jesus Christ using a video clip that I got from a friend/ stranger. I asked him to pray with me and he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

However, I forgot to do something before I left the taxi which he does not own. I forgot to pick up the tissue on the floor of the front seat where I sat, considering that I was wearing gloves.

This driver’s name is Ferdinand and his late wife’s name is Sonia. They had children.

I am thankful to God for this day. I hope to be able to do the things that I must study today.

That’s it for now. God bless my readers.