#TheSW30 Day 24: If you could relieve ONE day of your life, what would it be? And would you change anything?

If I could relieve one day in my life, that would be the day I decided and confessed that JESUS CHRIST is my LORD and Savior. My journal helped me remember. It was September 17, 2006 at Iriga City Presbyterian Church.

I grew up in a Catholic religion. I studied in Catholic schools when I was a child. I was very good in religion class. I even got an award for having a high grade in religion class “Martin de Porres” when I was studying in Letran. I memorized all the new testament books. But then, I still don’t fully understand.

When I was in highschool, I had a crush whom I met in a Boy Scout and Girl Scout event in Iriga City, where selected boy scouts and girl scouts from all over the city will replace the Iriga City Government officials for a week as youth officials. I met Emmanuel Jason. He is a Born Again Christian. He is one year older than me. I was invited by his brother Jonathan to attend a Sunday worship service at their church. It was my first time to attend a Sunday worship service. Before the worship started, a woman talked to me, I remembered her name. Her name is Yolanda, Yolly for short. She told me to come with her in a private room, where she told me a story about JESUS. Why men was separated from God, the penalty of sin, and the solution to live life fully, and if I am willing to let Jesus sit in the throne of my heart to make Him my Lord and Savior. Right then and there, I prayed that prayer. Then, I attended the worship, it was my first time. I cried while they were singing the songs and playing the instruments. I never experienced that before. I felt like God was embracing me, that He truly loves me.

Years passed by, I don’t regularly attend their worship service anymore, because my family were not Born Again Christians, and it seems like I have other motives why I go to that church and that’s because of my crush. So, I did not last long. I was not followed up either. Until I entered college as a nursing student in RTRMS – Makati Med.

Even if I was a Catholic, I don’t regularly go to church. But I still think that I am a good person, because I don’t sin like others around me. I was self righteous, which was wrong. When I was in college, I had classmates who attend a certain Christian organization at school named, “Ambassadors of the Lord”. They were always inviting me to join their fellowship, but I just don’t have the time. Even then, I was curious with these Christians, they were calm and composed, and they know how to lead a prayer in front of the class. It’s like they are talking to God without shame, and they call Him “Daddy God” and they always praise God, and they seem joyful. It’s like God is real and alive, even if He’s not visible with the naked eye. There’s something about them that I could not just figure out. There’s something special about these people.

I had an RLE groupmate. Her name is Keziah Amorado. She shared to me the gospel using a bracelet with 5 color beads: Yellow, black, red, white, and green. All about salvation. The bookmark below was given to me by Princess Gonzales.

  • Yellow/ Gold – John 14:6
  • Black – Romans 3:23
  • Red – John 3:16
  • White – Genesis 1:31
  • Green – 2 Corinthians 5:17
A page from my Art Appreciation Journal in Nursing School (July 3, 2010)

Then, I still don’t have a church yet. Until, I was invited to attend a Keep Falling In Love Valentine’s special event at New Beginning Community Church in Mandaluyong last February 2011, where I met Pastor Niki Miranda and his wife Tita Flor Miranda, Pastor Lowi Tepase who was still a youth pastor that time. I met ate Feona, ate Hadassah, Kuya Sam, Kuya Eds, ate Weng and the other youths, and ate Jenny who discipled me. Until I attended Grace Encounter and until I was baptized in a youth camp and at church, and attended the Freedom and the Philippines Glow of Love #4 (PGL), spearheaded by the International Grace Ministry from Irvine, California. Their Senior Pastor is a Korean Medical Doctor, Pastor James Shin.

I have no regrets of the decisions I made in the past. I’m thankful of my spiritual journey. I’m far from perfection. I still make mistakes but I believe my faith is growing little by little. I still want to be a disciple maker too. Praying and hoping.

I don’t know how significant my story is. 😅 Praying that God will help me tell my story. That’s it for now. 🙏

This story is not yet finished… to be continued. 🙂 Thank you.