He is a mystery

Have you ever felt the desire to know someone on a deeper level? To know what goes on in their mind?

Have you ever felt like you are solving a puzzle whenever you think of this person and no matter what you do, you can’t fully comprehend how complex and magnificent the person is.

He is such a mystery. I’m pertaining to God.

Am I the only one who feels this? Or do you feel the same way?

I can’t fully understand how much He loves me. He may not say it directly but he lets me feel it surprisingly.

It’s so amazing, from the moment I wake up until I face myself in the mirror. I am so amazed on how he created me: my beautiful face, my soft hair, my curves, my body, every single part of me is such a beauty. My voice. My mind. My smile. Wow. Amazing and it’s all because of Him. He created me so wonderfully.

Thank you God.