Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring


  • Novastat CBG Machine
  • Test strip
  • Single use lancet
  • Alcohol swab
  • Cotton ball
  • Diabetic Record (MAR)
  • Operator ID

What to do:

  1. Gather and prepare the appropriate materials
  2. Do hand hygiene. Wear clean gloves.
  3. Confirm patient’s identity. (Name and birthday)
  4. Assess patient’s condition. Ask for patient’s last meal. Make sure the patient had 2 hours fasting for a pre-meals CBG. If the instruction is post-prandial, allow 2 hours gastric emptying time.
  5. Explain the procedure to the patient.
  6. Provide privacy.
  7. Select the puncture site. (Adults: finger, Infant: toe)
  8. Have the patient wash with soap and water and dry them.
  9. Using the machine from the Home Screen, press LOG IN.
  10. Scan the operator ID and press accept.
  11. From Patient Test Screen press ACCEPT.
  12. Scan Strip Lot #, then ACCEPT.
  13. Insert test strip to the bottom of blood glucose meter.
  14. Massage finger/ toe towards the chosen site of puncture. Do not touch the patient’s puncture site.
  15. Clean the intended puncture site with an alcohol pad and let it dry completely.
  16. Using a single-use lancet, placing the lancet perpendicularly to the surface.
  17. Inform that the patient he will feel a pricking pain then push the button to puncture site.
  18. Wipe away the first drop of blood using a gauze pad.
  19. Massage the finger to allow the blood to pool. Touch a drop of blood to the test area on the strip.
  20. Apply pressure to the puncture site using a dry cotton ball, if possible, instruct the patient to maintain pressure.
  21. Results appear in 6 seconds. Record the results in the diabetic record, refer the results if needed. (Refer to Medical Resident on duty or to an Endo Fellow On Duty)
  22. Discard the lancet in a sharps collector. Dispose the test strip in the infectious waste bin.
  23. Remove and discard gloves.
  24. Do hand hygiene
  25. Clean and disinfect the blood glucose meter.
  26. Do hand hygiene.
  27. Administer the appropriate medication or ask the patient to eat if needed.
Blood Glucose Level Chart