#TheSW30 Day 20: Describe your most difficult breakup and what you learned from it

Every breakup that I had was painful, because I felt like I invested myself, my time and my resources. But I have learnings every after I had a break up.

My most difficult breakup was with my last boyfriend in college.

We broke up February of year 2011, while we were sitting on a park. I can not remember everything he told me, but I know that I got hurt.

Although it was painful because we were about to have our 2nd year anniversary on that year, I was glad that we broke up peacefully. We said our goodbyes nicely with a conversation while sitting on a bench in a park beside Greenbelt, Makati.

I did not cry when he broke up with me. But when he left me sitting in the park, my tears started to fall. I stayed on the bench for a few minutes more, then I started walking towards Greenbelt. My tears were falling from my eyes to my cheeks.

I went to Wendy’s and bought myself a macaroni salad and an ice cream to ease what I feel. Then, I called my Papa Tito in Bicol. I told him that my boy friend broke up with me. He consoled me. I was glad that I had that conversation with my papa.

What I learned from my break up was, I might not have satisfied the needs of my ex boyfriend. I told him as well that I am saving sex for marriage. Also, I have not given him enough time. Since I was busy with my academics and co curricular activities, I was running for honors and it was more important for me. I know we had differences too. I accepted it later on that there’s just things that cannot be.

I also told my mom about my break up and she comforted me too, even when she was in Mindoro. I’ve learned that I am loved by my family and that I am valuable and still precious.

Even then, I am thankful for the time I spent with him. I learned also a lot from him. He treated me nicely and fed me and gave me flowers and gifts. He was the longest relationship among all the ex boyfriends that I had. I still had a great time.