#TheSW30 Day 19: What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Most of my friends know that I have always been an achiever at school. I have a sanguine personality before, but I felt like I changed or maybe I still have that a little sanguine in me, but not much. I feel like I am more of an introvert now, and quite reserved but when it comes to performing songs or anything on stage, I can be confident.

I can express myself more in writing than speaking. I have always thought of myself to be competitive, but actually I hate competition. You know the saying, “you don’t like it, but you still do it”? I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. (Romans 7:15) That’s how I felt. But, I love challenges. I like it when my mind is challenged to think.

It has always been my dream to work abroad and to leave the country, that’s why I chose nursing. Nursing was not my first choice but I learned to love it as time passed by. But when I became a Christian, even if life is difficult in the Philippines, I want to settle in my country someday.

I don’t enjoy too much attention from people. But I can stand in the spotlight or on stage if needed. I am not afraid of public speaking.

I am most of the time serious in life.

I don’t have a lot of friends. I like to be complimented sometimes, genuine compliments. I don’t like to be reprimanded in front of other people.

I hate it when people use cursing or bad words against me or to people that I love and care for. I hate to be compared to others, when I have my own strengths.

When a person breaks my trust, it is difficult to be restored again.

I’m not a good cook. But when I cooked for you, you can be very special.

I can be very loyal to someone, a product or a company once my trust is gained.

When I am angry, I can be very physical. Haha.

When it comes to pets, I never had a pet. I am afraid of dogs especially those that bark and run towards me.