Be careful and stay safe

Pardon the bloody photo. I got wounded awhile ago while biking, it was raining.
(Sumemplang. Ang sakit guysh. )

Be careful when the road is wet, it’s slippery. Note to self: Take extra precautions especially when it’s raining. Delikado.
I realized that this is more painful than having a broken heart. hahahaha. But I don’t have to worry because this will heal soon, but it will leave a scar. Thus, I am no longer flawless. Peklaaat. 😂
But this is God’s word for me today. ❤️🙏🤗 Thank you Lord. I believe You are my Healer.
I am in Chair #3 now at ER extension, awaiting my Xray results. I was given pain reliever and Tetanus toxoid at my left deltoid. I’m thankful to my nurse Ma’am Bless who did my wound care, she has light hands. (I wish I had light hands too. Hehe) and for Ma’am Bing who assisted me and pushed my wheelchair to the Xray department. 🤗 Thank you to all the ER staff including ma’am Rachelle and doc Karl. Buti may helmet daw ako, very good daw ako sabi ni doc Karl. Haha. 👍