You’re an angel

The first time I have been called an angel by my patient.

Last Sunday, I was assigned as a bedside nurse in 2 West. I had elderly patients assigned to me. On that night, I met Sister Alphonse, 81 years old. She was a nun.

On that night, she had chest pains and she was catching up her breath. I notified the MROD on duty. Stat X Ray was done. Then I monitored her oxygen saturation, placed her on high back rest from a flat on bed position. Took her vital signs, increased the level of her oxygen via nasal cannula as ordered, decreased her IV hydration as ordered. I was a little apprehensive of what could happen, but thank God there were no casualties.

I talked to her, asked her to pray with me and I prayed for her. On that night, It was the first time I sang songs for my patient. I sang Amazing Grace, Still and Above all, with Jen the caregiver of my patient. I tried the best that I can to calm her down because she complained of difficulty sleeping. I also tried to give her back tapping and a little reflexology I learned back in college. I am glad that her anxiety lessened. Before she slept, she told me something I won’t forget. “You’re an angel”, she said. I was touched. My eyes almost got teary. Then I continuously hummed her to sleep. She said that I am blessing to her and that I am a blessing to others as well. She said that she loves me. I am glad that she was able to sleep before my duty ended.

I know I am not a perfect person, I am not even the best nurse one can have. But I am just grateful that despite how hard nursing is, I have been appreciated by a person that is even a complete stranger to me. I might not even see again this patient that I met but I won’t forget her.

My health may fail and my spirit may grow weak, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. I believe in God even when I can not see Him. I believe that He is the God who heals physical, emotional and mental baggages, pain, sadness and loneliness. God is my Healer. I believe.