Notice To Explain

It’s been almost six months since I was hired at St. Luke’s. I have started at 3 West and now I’m in 3 Main A, I have been floated to 2 Main B as well. 3 west and 3 Main A are areas for pediatric patients. While 2 Main B is a unit for Mothers and Babies. I love Pediatrics! I’m very thankful for all the learning and new found friends I have met along the way of staying in St. Luke’s Quezon City.

I really like working at St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC). I love the environment compared to the previous hospitals where I performed my job as a nurse.

I even thought of staying for long term if God’s will, but I need to help my sister’s funding for her education, because she wants to become a medical doctor and I am the eldest in the family. So I need to be dependable a few years from now. I might most probably work abroad to save money as the ‘ate’ in my family.

I am so blessed to be part of the Lukan family. I thank all the doctors, residents and nurses that I have worked with. They inspire me to keep doing what I can. Although, I am not claiming a perfect work. I commit mistakes too.

Moreover, working at the hospital is no joke. I make sure that I still keep my mind sane with all the stress and the challenges and the sick people I am around with. That is why I do the things that I love such as writing, looking at photos in Pinterest, taking selfies, doing my part-time business, exercise with boxing and swimming, and by reading verses using the bible I bought myself a year ago and by using the bible app whenever I am not in the hospital working as a nurse. It’s like I need to be a ray of sunshine everyday as I enter the rooms of my patients. Although it is very tiring, I am loving my job. I love my work and I love that I am being a channel of God’s healing with my patients.

I pray that I would continuously be a vessel of God’s healing as I touch and give care to my patients.

To my managers, residents and senior nurses, thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for guiding me along the way. I hope to make less error to none in the next succeeding months of my stay in St. Luke’s. It’s difficult but I know I can make it. I am hoping to become a regular nurse soon. I have been praying for it and it’s almost within reach. Thank you God for everything. Please guide me and I ask for wisdom as I do my duties daily. Thank You God. I know You will answer my prayers in Your time and as I delight in You. I will wait patiently. God’s will be done in my life.