Breaking the fast

I am so thankful to be part of New Beginning Christian Community (NBCC). It is our post prayer and fasting and we praise God for answered prayers.

Just like with mine, I passed my anatomy exam in cardiopulmonary module both lecture and laboratory. I’m so happy. Thank you Jesus.

So, I attended the worship service awhile ago at NBCC.

Lloyd was the worship leader, Andrew was the bassist, and Mark was the drummer. Our preacher was Pastor Lowi.

I learned that we can choose either to be a fault finder or a grace giver.

After the worship service, we went to Robinsons Pioneer and had our breaking the fast lunch fellowship.

We talked about the struggles of being a young professional Christian and the future events that we will be having for our young pros. Our president for the young professionals ministry by the way is Josiah.

I feel blessed to be with them. May God’s will be done in our lives.

I had lunch with Pastor Lowi, Irish, Andrew, Daniel, Josiah, Mark, Kuya Mcdo, Kuya Lyndon and Michelle. ❤🙌🙏

The Young professional’s fellowship of New Beginning Christian Community Church had lunch at Hainanese Delights at Robinsons Pioneer.

We are transferring to our new home at Pasig come this March. Our church will be merged with GMC. God’s will be done in our lives. 🙌