#TheSW30 Day 7: Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point

Day-7Hi! I am on day 7 already of the single woman’s 30 day blogging challenge: Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point.

Right now, I currently live in a small apartment, just a few walking distance from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. I am a registered nurse and recently have no work. I was a part of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Philippine General Hospital last January 2018, but since I had my sick leave last March 2018.. I am not sure whether I shall go back to the NICU -PGH anymore. Something happened during that phase when I was working in the area. I hope that I could have defended myself back then, because I had an argument with a medical doctor who did not have a trodat during her rounds and was not able to place her license number in the chart. I am typing in front of my laptop now and recalling some things that happened in the past.

My PGH – NICU experience was a memorable one for me. In that short period of time, I was able to learn so many things like OGT insertions, how to tidy a newborn, how to feed a newborn via OGT from a syringe pump and via cupfeeding. I also learned how to regulate IV fluids and concoctions. I learned the interventions to be done when infiltration happens, I have thermoregulated the warmers and the isolettes. I have also done tracheostomy care and I have done a blood transfusion. I learned a lot from my training coordinator Maam Maggie and my senior nurses: Maam Riza, Maam Genar, Maam Kat, Maam Elaine, Maam Japeth, Maam Bing, Maam Aiza, who taught me to do the things that I must do immediately so that I won’t forget. Maam Gwendolyn saved me during the time that I had to suction my patient and my machine was not properly prepared yet. Gwen was a life saver. Most of my other co worker’s name I have not placed here because I cannot fully remember. But I had a good time with my co-job order nurses: Louriane and Janelle, who had been a great help to me, when I was struggling emotionally and I had to let out my feelings. I miss them so much, but I guess staying won’t be healthy for me anymore. I need to go. My headnurse by that time was Maam Daisy and my Chief Nurse was Maam Fe. The clerk assigned to the unit was Deborah, as far as I can remember. Although, Deborah and I had a misunderstanding during the last days of my shift.. I was glad that we worked professionally, even though I had been annoyed one time when she wrote my name without placing Maria or Ma. beside my name.. But it’s just a petty thing.

If I had not failed my epidemiology subject with my Master’s degree, I would have already finished my comprehensive exam right now and I have already defended my management study and would have by now graduated with the MHA degree from the UP Manila College of Public Health. Also, if I continued my med school, I would have been a graduating 4th year medical student this year 2018. I would have been a Bedan doctor of San Beda College of Medicine. If I had already worked after graduation last 2011 at Makati Medical Center as nurse, I would have probably passed already my IELTS exam and have been already working abroad, probably in Ireland or London. I would have had already my own condominium unit, my own car by now.. and I would have been helping my father in Bicol and my my mother in the educational fees of my siblings.

However, there were bumps along the way. It was not a perfect ride for me. I had struggles with my heart problems and heartaches, but I believe I am more strong now compared to who I was back then. I pray that God will open the right doors for me one at a time as I pursue life in the coming years.