Leave Of Absence – LOA twice

So, until when will I do this?

I left my masteral at UP-College of Public Health last 2013. I left San Beda College of Medicine, last 2014… and took a leave of absence. Twice in a row now.

I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. Every time my sister hear me say this, she bites me. Because she doesn’t want me to say that I’m miserable. But I am really. Ha ha. Because I wasn’t able to finish my target goals with the desired date that I want.

I have so many doubts. I have so many questions which need answers.

Right now, I’m in the province. Not in my hometown. But I’m on a looong vacation at an island of Mimaropa region 4, Philippines. My dreams.. What happened to my dreams?

Oh well.. I need to get well from my sickness first. I know I can do this. I can recover!I CAN DO THIS! My doctor said. A young, intelligent lady like me can recover fast.

*Psychotic Break. ha ha ha. I like PB! Peanut butter? Okay.. Flight of ideas. I just need to eat. But undeniably, I need self-control in this area of my life and to exercise. I’ll swim again.

And to the guy whom I thought likes me too, I was delusional of thinking that way. But, I deserve better… This I know. I DESERVE BETTER. ha ha. Though we couldn’t end up as lovers, I hope we could end up as friends.

Thank You God!

I love Orchestra. ❤ Thanks Songjiang district.

I just need to re-divert my attention to other things. And by the way, I missed writing. I say hello again. 🙂