Last Chance

LORD, my grades are sinking. I’m asking for a lift. 😦 Let me pass po. Ang baba ng grades ko. What’s happening? I plead not to be removed from my school. T__T Help me be disciplined. In my room, In my studies, in my laundry. In my time. I have this one last chance this second semester. If I fail, I don’t know what to do anymore! I pray for the strength to overcome this problems that I have. Help me not waste money, my tuition. This is totally not me. Help! Help me in my addictions, particularly facebook. I don’t like facebook anymore. T__T I want to deactivate it.. But I need facebook.. because I’m a liaison officer. Help! I’m haunted by the past things that I did, by my words that I’ve spoken out. Words that I have written. LORD help! Help me not to look at other people’s stories and just to focus on my own. Please.. Help me focus on the things that I need to do. I have so many things to do. I have so many things to study. The problem with me is I’m so distracted!!! Help! Remove my distractions please.. Please? Or let me learn how to live with it. I know I can do this! Please. Let me pass. Let me pass. Let me pass. 😥 I’m pleading for Your mercy. And also I surrender the people who keeps on visiting me in my mind. People whom I miss. Please guard my mind, my thoughts, my heart, my soul, my mouth. I surrender my burdens to You. LORD, remind me why I am doing this. Remind me. Remind me. I don’t want to waste time anymore just like what I did in my Diabetes Education program and my Masteral.  I’ll be back to finish my masteral (MHA) too. Someday.. I’ll be able to finish it. After medschool. But for now.. please help me in my 1st year subjects. I’m in danger. I don’t want to deny anymore. Because this is really a problem that I have. Help. And LORD, help me help myself!!!! Help me lead myself. Help me be disciplined by knowing my priorities. This I ask from You. Thank You! Kaya mo to!!!! Kaya mo tooooo!!! Walang susuko! Walang bibitaw! Don’t lose hope please. Don’t lose faith! Never back down!! Swim yourself up to the water surface! Breathe please! And move!! Keep moving!! You can do this! HUG!! GOD YOU NEVER FAIL.. This I know. So help me please.