I was crying because…

Come to think of it, why was I crying all this time?

Maybe because, I was so emotionally attached to the point of when God took it away, I was shattered.

I’ve expected that he would have the same feelings for me.

I never expected that it would end so soon. I wasn’t ready for it.

I assumed that a lot are opposing of the two of us being together. Haha.

All the more, because it was my fault. I started it all. I was sick.

I miss ate so much as well. I was so sick.

I used God’s name in vain. Now this is an unconfessed sin.

I provoked someone (him) to sin as well.

My pride is too high. Skyreaching. Humble yourself Jaea. I beg you.

I’m so confused. But I’m still in awe.

Don’t bring this up again. okay? Jesus already paid for your sins.

You are loved more than you know.