Medical Students Summit Morning Day 1

Can I voice out my feelings for today?

It’s the first day of the Medical Students’ Summit at our school. I’m a volunteer worker. A lot of students from different medical schools in NCR participated the event. My assignment for today is already finished. I was assigned at the Abbey of the Lady of Montserrat, and I also sang the doxology together with the school’s chorale at the Abbott Hall this morning.

Should I be in a different place today? Haha. I want to study na!!! Haay.
Surprisingly, I saw his name on the list of the participants just this morning, but he didn’t come. Haha. He might be ditching this event. Or I don’t know, maybe he’ll come on the second day. Or maybe he’s not really coming. *Myelin Sheath! Stop this na!

I should be studying by now. Really. I should be. I want to go somewhere else! And STUDY INSTEAD!

I can’t wait for this event to be over. Haha. BUT, I’m going back to help my other classmate volunteers, to divert myself. Kakanta pa pala ako mamayang gabi. Kaya ko to! I can do this! I’ll just socialize with the other medical students. :))

Peace please come and stay in my heart. Masaya tong event na to! Don’t be stressed out of things na hindi dapat ka-stressan. SMILE! 🙂 Kain ka na lang ng lunch. Hehe. Gutom lang yan!!!! Hahaha.

Okay. I feel much better now. Bbye. Thank you God!