9th Medical Students Summit part 2 of Day 1

Then the joke was on me.

I saw someone in white. Late. I won’t deny and I won’t lie. I saw him.

But I pretended na hindi ko nakita. I just don’t know if I was seen as well. I doubt because I was not attracting any attention to myself awhile ago.

I was afraid to make an eye contact. I saw in my peripheral vision, But I purposely did not move my neck to look. I just looked straight ahead to where I should go. I did not waste my time staying in that place where it was present. I moved here and there. I did my job. I did what I was supposed to do. And this is an achievement for me! Yey!

There was a time when we where like just three feet apart twice this afternoon. But I pretended that I did not see. My heart was thumping hard, I just need to move away and do something else far from where it was standing and from where it was. Thank You GOD that I was not assigned at the registration area at St. Maurs and the Abbott Hall. Thank You for letting the SC assign me at the Abbey and Sabater, where there’s less contact time with the participants. It’s a blessing that I was assigned to where I was assigned. Merciful God, THANK YOU!!