Comfort after tears

“Here in Your presence
I am not afraid of brokenness
To wash Your feet with humble tears
I would be poured out till nothing’s left

And I just wanna wait on You, my God
I just wanna dwell on who You are”

~Beautiful by Kari Jobe

I can’t help but cry because my fears of the future, surrounded me again. I’m hurt po.

You know my fears, but I’ll trust you God.

I will not worry because I know you are here with me.

I can’t help but cry, knowing how good you are to me, because you are always on time.

Amazing.. Just after my tears fell on my cheeks, you responded immediately with your word through a friend.


Thank you so much for being always there, and for being always on time. Thank you for loving me.

How faithful you are, my God.