My NBI, PLM and Dapitan experience

This day was a very productive day for me.

I woke up 0530H in the morning but not that early really, because my schedule to go to NBI was 0400H. It means that I’m so late already. Then, I’ve had my quiet time. Then I went to United Nations station along Taft via the LRT to NBI to register and have my clearance as a requirement for the PLM college of medicine. Upon arrival at 0800H, I saw so many people that I could not even count anymore. The line inside the NBI was like the small intestines. Fortunately, the system was smooth and the security was strict also.

It was a tiresome day. I’ve waited for a long time. My veins seem like boiling already because of the long line and the long time of waiting. But God was teaching me to wait gracefully and which I did.

When I’ve reached NBI, I’ve learned that there are 5 steps to take.

First, I’ve signed the application clearance, filled up the form with capital letters and waited for the verification of my information based from my valid PRC license ID at the ground floor.

Second, I went inside the building to the station where I can pay the clearance worth P115.00. After that, I was given an official receipt of the Republic of the Philippines.

Third, I went up stairs on the second floor, for the encoding of my personal data:

  • PRC license 0732328
  • Birthday: 10/15/1990; MAKATI METRO MANILA
  • Height: 5’4″ cm; Weight: 49kg
  • signature 🙂

So far, those were the details that I’ve remembered.

Fourth, I went to the third floor, for the biometrics. They took a picture of me without the eyeglasses, and they also took my application form, and my fingerprints on both hands. After that, they told me to come back again on the 17th of February to claim my NBI clearance which is going to be the 5th step.

Yehey. At 1330H,  after a long time with no food intake, I was walking towards the gate already with a smile because I’d be eating my lunch. Thank you God for a successful NBI day. Though I wasn’t able to eat on time. I’m so thankful that my mother was there waiting for me outside at KFC.

My mom and I had a little chitchat. We had so much fun. and then we went to PLM already and paid P2396.00 for my MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and submitted my Application form at the registrar’s office. I’ve met 2 new friends, DenDen and Nash. We’d be taking our MCAT on February 19, 2012 at GK-206 at the College of Law building. I’d be taking the same test also with David who is the eldest son of my step father on that same day as well. I’ve never met him personally, but I know his name, but I am not sure whether he knows me too.

After submitting the requirements at PLM, my mom and I went straight to Dapitan and waited at Tinapayan for Caloy, helper of my step father in Dapitan. I’m so blessed by God today because Caloy was the one who processed my barangay clearance there as part of my school requirement too. Other than that, he gave us also a photocopy of the billing address of Meralco, as a proof of the mailing adress.

Then, my mom and I went to Rufino pacific tower to purchase functional food for the distributors, then we went to Goldilocks to eat dinner. We had a great bonding and story telling time with Paolo, my dearest brother.

Thank you God for this very productive day. And thank you also for the people whom I met today. God loves me so much. Thank you for this people.