I Will Wait For You (via * singing my heart out *)

I felt so overwhelmed as I’ve read this post.

I was teary eyed as I was reading the piece that she made. The feeling of reading this poem is different from watching it. Amazing! ha ha. The tears turned to laughter as I watched her deliver. And It made me smile and laugh. I can relate to every lines and every words that she said. The holy spirit spoke so well.

Your spirit can really be comforted from people that had the same struggles as you have experienced. This made me realize how pathetic I was to insist my own will than to follow what God’s will is. But all in all, this boosted my feelings. It made me go back to Our first love, Jesus. ❤

Thank You Lord for the persons that you use for me to be comforted. I Love You Jesus!

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via * singing my heart out *